6 Sept 2013

The things she says

"Mummy you's comes up here right now!"

When shouting at me after I've put her to bed. Seems she now has an aversion to being left, the battle is exhausting

"Erm no thank you mummy, maybe later"

When asked if she wants to do colouring or writing - another aversion

"Open the gate" [when questioned why she needs it open] "I might need something from the kitchen

The safety gate is a new addition in our new house as I found she likes squeezing herself down the side of the boiler which isn't ideal so now everything is supervised.

"Nice to see you home daddy"

I've no idea how he manages this, she also shares all food with him without quibble!

"I wants it now"

Usually accompanied by a frown, folding arms and partial foot stamp (she hasn't perfected this yet thankfully)

"No mummy it's too early for a bath/bed/dinner"

It's often followed up with "maybe laters" and a sweet smile.

"I'll have it's later (about food or putting on shoes etc). Do it's later"

As above, she tries this often throughout the day.

"Tank you mummy, you good girl"

Whilst patting me on arm, head or back. Usually when I've passed her drink to her

"You are very cheeky mummy, you goes in the naughty corner now"

When I'm trying to make her do one of the above things such as eat/sleep/get clean!
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