9 Sept 2013

Three Little Dinosaurs - Book Review

My girl is a bit in love with dinosaurs so when we received the latest book from the Parragon Books club it was quickly grabbed from me.

We read it together a couple of times straight away and there was no wiggling from Bubba as she absorbed every detail. She loved the pictures which are beautifully illustrated with lots of detail and colour and liked the fact the dinosaurs were friends. The dinosaurs are very cute and friendly looking which is good as Bubba has been going through a phase of being scared of almost everything (not good for a girl who usually likes the grizzlies things in life).

Three Little Dinosaurs tells the story of three friends who go on an adventure to try and fly but come crashing back down to earth. They then meet Terry Dactyl who takes them for a fly and they go off to bed that night dreaming of flying.

It's the ultimate feel good book that has a nice moral that you shouldn't give up on your dreams. I like it because so many books aimed at young children have no story and are very uninspiring to read. I know it's not all about that at two and a half but as a parent reading the book, a story helps my enjoyment in reading it to her and in turn she is more willing to listen if I'm animated too. All in all a lovely book that I'd recommend reading, in the very least I'd say have a flick through the wonderful illustrated pages because there is lots to see in this book.

We were sent this book to review by Parragon books but all opinions are my own
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