30 Oct 2013

The Changes...Pregnancy Trimester Two

As I make my way through Trimester Two and read how my baby is the size of a Avocado!! what, why does it have to be compared to an Avocado?!? It's enough that I can't even think of being able to eat an Avocado let alone having the baby I'm carrying compared to one!

Anyway as I edge towards more energy and less morning sickness (the promised land) I'm feeling more positive about being pregnant. I'm still never going to be one of those women that glows as my skin is more radioactive from spots (I look more teenager than grown up), my nails and hair are going crazy and growing which is great except so are my eyebrows and feeling sick has left me feeling less able to control them (and I've found that threading now kills where it never really bothered me before).

I'm slowly able to reintroduce fruit in my diet, banana's were all I could manage on a sporadic basis but now citrus fruit seems more appealing and if I catch it in the right mood at the right time I can actually eat a satsuma or orange. I know...wild eh!

I've gone off corned beef (which was my every day staple) and any cold meat which makes lunch time interesting. Still existing on soup at work which is good. I've made dinner every night for the last week and stuck to what was on our meal plan whereas before it was all hit and miss whether I could make it in the kitchen before feeling like I'd throw up and then not fancying the food I had sorted for the meal. Milk, too much cheese and anything with a creamy consistency (like risotto) are still on the black list for me.

I managed a black cup of Earl Grey tea last week when hubby and I went to a Elevenses at a Handpicked Hotel at Brands Hatch. I was feeling all smug with myself for not feeling particularly sick and managing sausage roll, croque monsieur and smoked salmon bagel (yes I know I'm supposed to avoid smoked salmon but I fancied it which is rare in itself and besides the FSA say it's ok if fresh). I really enjoyed it all until a few hours later when my body went into overdrive and I felt more seasick and hungover for the next two days than I have in a few weeks. But I enjoyed it at the time.

I do have more energy now and am getting a bit obsessed with pointing out to family my growing bump and mentioning at every opportunity that I'm pregnant...more to comfort myself but I'm sure its annoying as they all know I'm pregnant and you can see the bump!

I totally missed a midwife appointment the other week - I never miss appointments and I was mortified when they called to see if I was ok. Worked out fine in the end and rescheduled, where I heard the heart beat for the first time, more of a train chugging along this time whereas with Bubba it was like galloping horses. The midwife warned me that this early its sometimes hard to find the heartbeat for a while and it can come and go as the baby moves. Nearly as soon as she put the microphone on the bump a loud clear heart beat could be heard and it stayed in place the whole time, so it looks like it's still being lazy.

I've developed some lovely (ladylike) things like snoring (my husband really loves me at the moment!) and then when I'm not snoring I am getting pregnancy insomnia which is great for my energy levels the next day. I've suffered more illness this time too (probably because the toddler is bringing in germs all the time), migraines are making an appearance which is a killer and left me in bed for the whole day on two different occasions - this makes me feel a rubbish mum to Bubba as I've had to farm her out or get Hubby to take the day off. I've also been suffering from a never ending cold feeling which sometimes develops into snuffles and sometimes just a sore throat. Googled it and oh joy...even your nasal passages swell in pregnancy and this is common. It's hard to deal with on just paracetamol as that doesn't touch headaches or pain in general for me!

Bubba keeps laying on the precise location of the baby which kind of makes me feel sick and then I feel guilty for moving her and she looks at me like I'm a freak when I tell her she is laying on the baby! She also keeps trying to see it through my belly button which is cute but I've never been a lover of belly buttons so it also freaks me out.

It's three weeks until we go for another scan and I'm counting down the days because I'm so desperate to find out what flavour we are having this time so I can plan. Oh I do love a plan and a focus...pink or blue I'm sure it'll be interesting.

28 Oct 2013

Cooking with my toddler

When Bubba was little I had visions of us cooking together as she got older. It would be domestic bliss and when hubby got home he'd be confronted with a gorgeously baked dessert/cake/meal.

The reality is a lot messier and stressful, bubba kept asking why I was saying 'sugar' a lot. Purely because that's all I could say without swearing!

I've found out that my child has a forte of cracking eggs...or rather should I say 'smashing' because that's what she did and the egg ended up on the floor and kitchen units as well as the floor

Mixing it seems is also rather perilous with the whisk being flicked around in mid air.

At the point I had to use the electric whisk, she disappeared. Only to reappear to tell me she couldn't hear the television because I was being so noisy!

Together we emptied the cake mix into the large cupcake mould (and manage to get lots on the floor too). Good news is that the kitchen floor got an impromptu quick clean as well, so one less job for later!

We walked away, her covered in chocolate cake and me very stressed out. It certainly isn't at the point of cooking together in a mess free way and enjoying it but it was funny watching egg splatter everywhere.

22 Oct 2013

When life gets busy

My posts are a bit infrequent at the moment. I'm still suffering sickness morning, noon and night...yeah thanks hormones, please be advised you are supposed to have stopped making me feel this way! It's not as bad as previously but still taunts me when I least expect it.

Also another development is migraines! Yeah thanks again hormones! I've always been a headachy person with sinus problems but these have stepped up a gear and I've lost a few days and relinquished childcare in favour of my bed! It's been tough. The most the midwife can offer in the way of advice is drink 3L of water a day and take paracetomol (but neither of these things can stop a migraine in its tracks)!

But I digress, although I'd like to moan (I'm seriously good at being grumpy and pregnant) right here and right now I'll stop for fear of boring everyone! I'm not one of those women who glows or loves being pregnant. I do love having a bump I can rub but I don't like the whole process of feeling bloated, tired and I get freaked out that my body has been taken over!

It's that time of year that I just want a break. We are looking into preschools for Bubba which in turn means my working hours will change early next year before I go off on maternity leave. So it's all change.

I still can't get my head around preschool, playschool, nursery and day nursery. They certainly don't make it easy to find out where to go and what we need. So far I've worked out 

'day nursery' is where bubba goes now - we pay for full days and you can start from early ages. 

'Preschool / Playschool' are the same thing - this is where bubba goes next and it's either just mornings or afternoons (we pay until she is three).

Nursery - this refers to primary school places that have a nursery attached...this I will apply for online through the council and if she doesn't get a place at one we want then she'll stay at preschool until she is ready for primary school.

And relax...that's unless I've got the above wrong! It's all very confusing.

16 Oct 2013

Bump update: is this normal

I'm 15 weeks 3 days pregnant (only know that because I just worked it out). I'm freaking out about everything and nothing!

It's the inbetween stage, I have a small bump although arguably it often just looks like I'm a bit fat! I'm not feeling as sick, only when I am hungry now (which is all the time). Nothing seems to be changing and I'm worried. 

I feel like crying at the slightest thing, I want to cry that I'm pregnant and how unbelievably fantastic that is and I then want to cry because OMG I'M PREGNANT! and will get bigger, have to give birth and also share my heart even more. I'll have no time and no sleep and another person wanting my time. Then I want to cry because I can't wait to hold another of my babies and smell that baby smell and love another small person. It drives me mad, poor hubby just looks bewildered most of the time or just agrees with me.

Yesterday was pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day. I wept buckets looking on Instagram at all the candle pictures (people lit a candle at 7pm in remembrance with a tag #waveoflight). All those who had a loss or knew of someone's loss, it's staggering how common and sad it is.

I worry that something will go wrong or that it already has gone wrong. The whole birth bit scares me, not for the pain but because it's such a delicate thing this giving life business that I might get it wrong, my baby might suffer or I could die and leave my wonderful family! I'm in a bit of a pit of anxiety and worry. At the moment I realise there is nothing I can do about it all but the panic is there! I'm not due to see my midwife for a week or so and then wait another month until our 20 week scan. It all seems so far away but equally no time at all! I'm a ball of contradictions!!

14 Oct 2013

An Ideal Garden Makeover

We recently moved house (a month ago), what with an active toddler and being pregnant again progress on transforming our house has been slow (no) progress. As always it's the poor garden that will be the last to reap any benefits.

We are lucky to have a nice size garden with an interesting bump in it. Bubba calls it her hill and whenever the weather has been mild enough she is out there rolling down her 'hill'. It was the view of the garden out of my kitchen window that sold the house for me, I have visions of watching hubby and the kids playing out there in the future whilst I potter around making dinner and then calling my grass stained and tired out rabble in doors.

Unfortunately we were left lots of 'junk' and falling down sheds by the previous owner which we need to clear to make it a truly happy garden (there is a really ramshackle shed just out of view in my pictures (purposely as its hideous and about to fall down and really in the way!)

I'd also love to have some plants to give us a bit more privacy from the neighbours. Hubby has always wanted a palm tree so that'd be first on the list, followed by lovely lavender dotted around the garden to entice more bees. I'd like some 'smelly trees' as Bubba calls them; herbs such as Rosemary and Thyme which she wafts her fingers through.

Bubba generally just loves running up and down the garden at the moment. Rolling down the hill and playing on her hand me down slide which she has now outgrown. I'd love to give her a proper slide and something to climb up to because she is a bit of an adventurer at heart.

Activity Toys Direct have a huge selection of play centres and this one I can see her loving.
TP Toys Forest Lodge 2
I'm a little bit in love with this picnic table and fabulous play house, which i'd probably try and play with too and would be perfect at the end of the garden.
AXI Julia PlayhousePlum Products Premium Activity Table and Bench

I'd love a woodland area where bugs could live and we could explore. I'm not talking on a grand scale as our garden isn't that big! We'd like a tree that could settle and grow as the family does, ferns and a place for bubba to explore and learn, ideally at the back of the garden near the tired old shed (giving us a bit more privacy too).
My biggest family makeover would include a decked area with shade so that I can watch Bubba having fun whilst I tend to our new arrival next summer. 

The one thing I wouldn't change would be the 'hill', that we will work around as long as my girl wants to roll down it.

This blog post is an entry into the Tots 200 / Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition

11 Oct 2013

Big girl bed

So last weekend this happened...hubby put Bubba's big girl bed together.

This weekend was originally going to be d-day on the potty front, we were planning to get that sorted over the next week. Unfortunately Bubba had other ideas and as I had gently tried to persuade her on the Thursday night and also Friday night to try having a wee in the potty and that at the weekend we'd do the whole deal but she cried at the thought of not wearing a nappy, cried and called the potty "scary" so we quickly aborted the idea of even trying. I know my girl and if she wants to do something she usually wants to do it straight away and full gusto, this wasn't going to plan.

Luckily (not for me) it was good we decided not to go ahead because I got ill and spent most of Saturday in bed and moaning (because I couldn't take anything stronger than paracetamol). Anyway we had got her a big girl bed with the idea we would set it up in a few weeks once potty training was cracked but instead we decided to go go go on the bed front.

Night One (Sunday)
Hubby set up the bed and Bubba enjoyed bouncing on her new bed. I wasn't too sure she would end up sleeping in it. We left the cotbed up in her room just in case. At bedtime, in her brand new jammies, daddy put her into bed and I expected the usually three or four minutes of moaning but nothing. She was asleep faster than normal, it's slightly disconcerting as I had expected tears, a bit of a refusal to accept the changes but what I got was silence (or rather a soft snoring).

Monday morning when she woke up, daddy went to get her and found her by the foot of the bed on the floor. She had fallen or rolled out and along. We didn't wake and neither did she, there was a spare duvet on the floor to soften the fall.

Day/Night Two:
I was a bit worried about her nap time sleep the most because this is the one she sometimes resists. I shouldn't have worried today because although she talked to herself for about 15 minutes, she didn't get out or fall out. I picked her up and put her in the bed and left the room and that was it.

Bedtime she went down fine and again was asleep in minutes compared to recently where she would cry for five minutes or so before giving in. She did say 'me gets out' but I said if she needed us she just had to call and we would come and get her. I'm hoping she may not realise she can get out but I think I'm kidding myself.

So that's it, we are on our way with sleeping in a big girl bed. It'll probably get interesting when she realises that getting out is an option but until then I'll bask in the glory that my girl is growing up and loves her new bed.


9 Oct 2013

Parragon Book Buddy review - The Adventures of the Owl and the Pussycat

We've just received our latest Parragon Book Buddy book for review. When I opened the parcel I thought the picture on the front was great but saw the title and thought "oh I know that story already" but I was very wrong.

"The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea in a box on the living room floor,
They sailed away for a year and a day
And these are the things
That they saw..."

As with each book we receive, Bubba instantly wants it open and to begin reading it which I find really lovely. This book didn't disappoint me at all and I even caught Bubba having a little look through it on her own earlier in the week. It's the story of a little boy and girl (the owl and the pussycat) who use a box in their living room to sail away for a year and a day.

Each page is beautifully illustrated with the childrens adventures from seeing "A wiggly, squiggly eel, Dancing with a cheerful seal" to "A lobster playing catch with a crab who likes to catch"

It's got a nice rhyming tilt on each page with leads onto the next page neatly and becomes a quick page turner, although several times we had to go back a page or two so Bubba could take in all the wonderful pictures. We seem to see something new every time we look which is something I really value in a book, the ability to see it with fresh eyes each time.

It's a real feast for the eyes and would appeal to both boys and girls alike, it's already a real favourite at our nightly reading before bedtime. There is lots to look at some I can't see us getting bored with this book any time soon.

6 Oct 2013

The Changes...Pregnancy Trimester One

I'm just shy of four months pregnant but having a different experience so thought I'd chart the differences

Last time...ready to pop

Last time...

I was more excited by this stage

I read about the weekly changes my baby went through

I knew exactly how many weeks I was at any given time

I still had morning sickness continually

I would feel sick if I consumed something that was too milky (but managed strong tea).

I started to feel less tired

I had to have tomato ketchup with almost everything

I'd only just started to show but you really would have to know I was pregnant to see it!

This time...

I'm less excited

More worried and nervous. I totally get the miracle that making and having a baby is. So having a bundle of fun toddler makes me realise what's at stake if this doesn't go to plan

I never know how many weeks gone I am, a vague err 13 weeks, 14 weeks? 

I glance every now and again at an app that tells me what baby is doing in there

I crave corned beef and piccalilli a lot. Also want tomato soup most days

I'm far more tired

I cannot go near anything dairy, my beloved tea has been pushed aside...I can't even stomach it black!

I'm already showing, well it's more of a jelly belly but it's a start

I've had to start thinking maternity wear a lot earlier this time

Its less of an upheaval to my lifestyle but I'm finding the thought of having two children more daunting


4 Oct 2013

Radical Reward Charts - Review

We have been lucky so far on the tantrum and behaving front and not had to resort to drastic measures (yet!). But there are a few areas where we could improve on such as putting things away.

I was offered the chance to try out the Radical Rewards Chart so thought this might be a good time to try getting Bubba to help tidy up more.

I chose the Reedy River chart and also opted for having a cut out of Bubba to move up the chart. I found this very cute, it's laminated and the only trouble is that Bubba takes it off the chart and plays with it.

We've started small as the concept is a little lost on my girl, the instructions state that for younger children make the reward at the halfway point. She gets it some times but others she chooses to ignore the chart but that's a good enough balance for me as she's still little.

The chart is large and got lots to look at on it. I can see it being a real draw for older children, especially if they have chosen the design themselves. Bubba likes looking at all the different animals and naming them at the moment so it works as an educational tool as well for us.

I'm hoping that we can use for good behaviour or small goals as she gets older because its something that won't grow old or dated.

We were sent the chart to review but all opinions are ours.
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