28 Oct 2013

Cooking with my toddler

When Bubba was little I had visions of us cooking together as she got older. It would be domestic bliss and when hubby got home he'd be confronted with a gorgeously baked dessert/cake/meal.

The reality is a lot messier and stressful, bubba kept asking why I was saying 'sugar' a lot. Purely because that's all I could say without swearing!

I've found out that my child has a forte of cracking eggs...or rather should I say 'smashing' because that's what she did and the egg ended up on the floor and kitchen units as well as the floor

Mixing it seems is also rather perilous with the whisk being flicked around in mid air.

At the point I had to use the electric whisk, she disappeared. Only to reappear to tell me she couldn't hear the television because I was being so noisy!

Together we emptied the cake mix into the large cupcake mould (and manage to get lots on the floor too). Good news is that the kitchen floor got an impromptu quick clean as well, so one less job for later!

We walked away, her covered in chocolate cake and me very stressed out. It certainly isn't at the point of cooking together in a mess free way and enjoying it but it was funny watching egg splatter everywhere.
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