4 Oct 2013

Radical Reward Charts - Review

We have been lucky so far on the tantrum and behaving front and not had to resort to drastic measures (yet!). But there are a few areas where we could improve on such as putting things away.

I was offered the chance to try out the Radical Rewards Chart so thought this might be a good time to try getting Bubba to help tidy up more.

I chose the Reedy River chart and also opted for having a cut out of Bubba to move up the chart. I found this very cute, it's laminated and the only trouble is that Bubba takes it off the chart and plays with it.

We've started small as the concept is a little lost on my girl, the instructions state that for younger children make the reward at the halfway point. She gets it some times but others she chooses to ignore the chart but that's a good enough balance for me as she's still little.

The chart is large and got lots to look at on it. I can see it being a real draw for older children, especially if they have chosen the design themselves. Bubba likes looking at all the different animals and naming them at the moment so it works as an educational tool as well for us.

I'm hoping that we can use for good behaviour or small goals as she gets older because its something that won't grow old or dated.

We were sent the chart to review but all opinions are ours.
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