6 Oct 2013

The Changes...Pregnancy Trimester One

I'm just shy of four months pregnant but having a different experience so thought I'd chart the differences

Last time...ready to pop

Last time...

I was more excited by this stage

I read about the weekly changes my baby went through

I knew exactly how many weeks I was at any given time

I still had morning sickness continually

I would feel sick if I consumed something that was too milky (but managed strong tea).

I started to feel less tired

I had to have tomato ketchup with almost everything

I'd only just started to show but you really would have to know I was pregnant to see it!

This time...

I'm less excited

More worried and nervous. I totally get the miracle that making and having a baby is. So having a bundle of fun toddler makes me realise what's at stake if this doesn't go to plan

I never know how many weeks gone I am, a vague err 13 weeks, 14 weeks? 

I glance every now and again at an app that tells me what baby is doing in there

I crave corned beef and piccalilli a lot. Also want tomato soup most days

I'm far more tired

I cannot go near anything dairy, my beloved tea has been pushed aside...I can't even stomach it black!

I'm already showing, well it's more of a jelly belly but it's a start

I've had to start thinking maternity wear a lot earlier this time

Its less of an upheaval to my lifestyle but I'm finding the thought of having two children more daunting

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