30 Oct 2013

The Changes...Pregnancy Trimester Two

As I make my way through Trimester Two and read how my baby is the size of a Avocado!! what, why does it have to be compared to an Avocado?!? It's enough that I can't even think of being able to eat an Avocado let alone having the baby I'm carrying compared to one!

Anyway as I edge towards more energy and less morning sickness (the promised land) I'm feeling more positive about being pregnant. I'm still never going to be one of those women that glows as my skin is more radioactive from spots (I look more teenager than grown up), my nails and hair are going crazy and growing which is great except so are my eyebrows and feeling sick has left me feeling less able to control them (and I've found that threading now kills where it never really bothered me before).

I'm slowly able to reintroduce fruit in my diet, banana's were all I could manage on a sporadic basis but now citrus fruit seems more appealing and if I catch it in the right mood at the right time I can actually eat a satsuma or orange. I know...wild eh!

I've gone off corned beef (which was my every day staple) and any cold meat which makes lunch time interesting. Still existing on soup at work which is good. I've made dinner every night for the last week and stuck to what was on our meal plan whereas before it was all hit and miss whether I could make it in the kitchen before feeling like I'd throw up and then not fancying the food I had sorted for the meal. Milk, too much cheese and anything with a creamy consistency (like risotto) are still on the black list for me.

I managed a black cup of Earl Grey tea last week when hubby and I went to a Elevenses at a Handpicked Hotel at Brands Hatch. I was feeling all smug with myself for not feeling particularly sick and managing sausage roll, croque monsieur and smoked salmon bagel (yes I know I'm supposed to avoid smoked salmon but I fancied it which is rare in itself and besides the FSA say it's ok if fresh). I really enjoyed it all until a few hours later when my body went into overdrive and I felt more seasick and hungover for the next two days than I have in a few weeks. But I enjoyed it at the time.

I do have more energy now and am getting a bit obsessed with pointing out to family my growing bump and mentioning at every opportunity that I'm pregnant...more to comfort myself but I'm sure its annoying as they all know I'm pregnant and you can see the bump!

I totally missed a midwife appointment the other week - I never miss appointments and I was mortified when they called to see if I was ok. Worked out fine in the end and rescheduled, where I heard the heart beat for the first time, more of a train chugging along this time whereas with Bubba it was like galloping horses. The midwife warned me that this early its sometimes hard to find the heartbeat for a while and it can come and go as the baby moves. Nearly as soon as she put the microphone on the bump a loud clear heart beat could be heard and it stayed in place the whole time, so it looks like it's still being lazy.

I've developed some lovely (ladylike) things like snoring (my husband really loves me at the moment!) and then when I'm not snoring I am getting pregnancy insomnia which is great for my energy levels the next day. I've suffered more illness this time too (probably because the toddler is bringing in germs all the time), migraines are making an appearance which is a killer and left me in bed for the whole day on two different occasions - this makes me feel a rubbish mum to Bubba as I've had to farm her out or get Hubby to take the day off. I've also been suffering from a never ending cold feeling which sometimes develops into snuffles and sometimes just a sore throat. Googled it and oh joy...even your nasal passages swell in pregnancy and this is common. It's hard to deal with on just paracetamol as that doesn't touch headaches or pain in general for me!

Bubba keeps laying on the precise location of the baby which kind of makes me feel sick and then I feel guilty for moving her and she looks at me like I'm a freak when I tell her she is laying on the baby! She also keeps trying to see it through my belly button which is cute but I've never been a lover of belly buttons so it also freaks me out.

It's three weeks until we go for another scan and I'm counting down the days because I'm so desperate to find out what flavour we are having this time so I can plan. Oh I do love a plan and a focus...pink or blue I'm sure it'll be interesting.
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