22 Oct 2013

When life gets busy

My posts are a bit infrequent at the moment. I'm still suffering sickness morning, noon and night...yeah thanks hormones, please be advised you are supposed to have stopped making me feel this way! It's not as bad as previously but still taunts me when I least expect it.

Also another development is migraines! Yeah thanks again hormones! I've always been a headachy person with sinus problems but these have stepped up a gear and I've lost a few days and relinquished childcare in favour of my bed! It's been tough. The most the midwife can offer in the way of advice is drink 3L of water a day and take paracetomol (but neither of these things can stop a migraine in its tracks)!

But I digress, although I'd like to moan (I'm seriously good at being grumpy and pregnant) right here and right now I'll stop for fear of boring everyone! I'm not one of those women who glows or loves being pregnant. I do love having a bump I can rub but I don't like the whole process of feeling bloated, tired and I get freaked out that my body has been taken over!

It's that time of year that I just want a break. We are looking into preschools for Bubba which in turn means my working hours will change early next year before I go off on maternity leave. So it's all change.

I still can't get my head around preschool, playschool, nursery and day nursery. They certainly don't make it easy to find out where to go and what we need. So far I've worked out 

'day nursery' is where bubba goes now - we pay for full days and you can start from early ages. 

'Preschool / Playschool' are the same thing - this is where bubba goes next and it's either just mornings or afternoons (we pay until she is three).

Nursery - this refers to primary school places that have a nursery attached...this I will apply for online through the council and if she doesn't get a place at one we want then she'll stay at preschool until she is ready for primary school.

And relax...that's unless I've got the above wrong! It's all very confusing.
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