21 Nov 2013

A day to remember

The 20th November is a good day for us, to start with I married a great man three years ago on that date. I had a good day and was looking forward to a brilliant party.

Unfortunately the wedding didn't go perfectly, in fact it ended rather abruptly and dramaticly with the generator failing at the hotel (a Marriott Hotel at that) and us being plunged into darkness - thus ending my reception at an early 9.30pm. My calm, fuss free wedding turned into a nightmare and at 6 months pregnant I became rather emotional to say the least.

I thought we were cursed and although up until that point it had been everything I'd hoped for, whenever I think of our wedding it's been emotional and tinged with sadness (lots). Something changed this year and rather than looking back on our wedding anniversary thinking 'what if' I started thinking 'so what!' and to top it off we had our 20 week scan on our anniversary.

I was worried beforehand and wondered if we should change it in case it was bad news and then this date would be forever marked in my mind. But I'm glad I didn't change it. 

Everything was as it should be and we found out the sex of our baby. We are both delighted and now are going to start seriously discussing names. There are a few we like but I just want to make sure we get it right for us.

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