19 Nov 2013

A simple morning...

With my girl...

Tomorrow we have our 20 week scan and hopefully find out what colour we will be blessed with. I feel the baby kick now but hubby can't feel it on the outside yet. It's all very lovely and special but my thoughts keeps getting drawn back to my first girl, my special girl.

So this morning, with nothing planned and nowhere to be, my girl and I had a stay home morning. I'm so conscious that our time as a two is evaporating fast, not least because of our new arrival but also because bubba will start school soon and become less dependant on me.

So far we have done puzzles, played with a remote control minnie car and watched Monsters University, eaten banana and cuddled. Bubba is a bit under the weather so it's nice to just 'be'.

My baby is growing up fast now.
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