25 Nov 2013

DIY Present Ideas

I love buying presents but more than that, I love making presents. The only downside is that I'm not really a craft master at all. So my homemade things end up being slightly car crash and I pity the poor unsuspecting recipient.

With that in mind, I'd like to share a few semi DIY presents. Things I've half made but really just put together...

First up my cookie in a jar

Last Christmas I made up some jars of ingredients and gave to my love ones with little people so they could make cookies. They went down well (I hope).

Next my homemade material pictures

I traced my pattern onto material and then added my buttons in the position I wanted them. Next I simply sewed them on and put it in a frame.

Lastly my homemade (sort of) anniversary present.

I found the print I wanted on Etsy for a few pounds. You could even create your own design on your computer. This image was for us. Next I got a cheap frame (sorry hub) and voila it sort of looks like I made more effort!
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