29 Nov 2013

Drivin Miss Bubba

Ever since Bubba went round to one of her little friends houses and played with a Minnie Mouse remote controlled car and wouldn't leave it alone, I knew it was something she'd love playing with at home.

I wasn't wrong!

This was the excited face of Bubba when I opened the parcel and she realised what it was. The packaging is great but unfortunately it was very secure and it took me ages to get at the actual car (which dampened Bubba's enthusiasm slightly). We played with the background package as well for a while which was good and for a few days we even parked Minnie's car back in the garage of the box.

Once it was up and ready to go she couldn't wait to take it away from me and have a play without even being told what to do. The car is designed for children aged three and upwards (we are nearly there so I thought it wouldn't be a problem for her) and Bubba got the hang of it straight away. Thanks to the remote control car, she now gets the concept of forward and backwards and if all else failed to start with I would shout 'blue button' or 'green button' so she would get it going back in the right direction. But now she gets it when I tell her to go backwards with the remote control.

The car is well made and considering Bubba's sense of direction isn't that great and keeps crashing it into skirting boards, so far it's unscathed. The control is simple enough for toddlers to use but robust enough that it won't break after five seconds. The car turns in a big circle and travels forwards and backwards, you do need to have a bit of space, the car itself is fairly speedy and has caught Bubba out a few times when she managed to drive over her own feet. We've played with the car morning, noon and night (and I had to convince her that she couldn't take it into bed with her to sleep!).

My only negative comment (and it's so small and insignificant) is that Minnie's steering wheel keeps falling out. Bubba loves nothing more than getting Minnie to get out and play once she reaches her destination, so its a little frustrating that I have to keep fitting it back in constantly. Checked with my friend and her car's steering wheel has never come off so perhaps it was an over exuberant toddler that got at ours!

Bubba's only frustration is that she couldn't understand why the doors wouldn't open but again this isn't really a big thing and the fact the seat belts do open and she can fit all her other animals in, more than makes up for any confusion over non door openings.

If you are looking for toys for Christmas I would thoroughly recommend the Minnie Mouse remote control car from Argos and they have a large range of Disney Toys available so do go check them out.

It's also great fun (& slightly addictive) to play with as an adult as well but shhh! don't tell Bubba as she is rather attached to it now!

*Collaborative post*
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