27 Nov 2013

Feels like progress...

This is my 20 week bump (although I'm now moving on towards 22 weeks now), I've been obsessed with taking photographs of it. It suddenly seems real and I have a good bump to show off. Up until now I've just felt fat and a fraud, I'd have to tell people I was pregnant but this bump today needs no explanation. I'm also (it seems from my pictures) now wearing nearly the same outfit on most days. I'm loving my stretchy and soft New Look Jeans and this jumper that hugs the bump but doesn't give me massive back fat or lumps and bumps elsewhere.

I feel my baby (& it does feel like my baby now) move a lot. It feels like little backflips in my belly and has been progressing onto noticeable kicks. I'm told baby is the size of a mango which is a good size. I'm already getting obsessed with my belly button (as I did last pregnancy) and can't have anyone, myself included, touching it. Really weird.

This week I've drank tea with milk and three cappuccinos and this feels like real progress as the thought of it up until now sent me to the dark place of nausea.

I've had another migraine and one leg keeps swelling up! So I have an attractive stocking to wear during the day (which I'm not taking a photo of as I don't need to be reminded in the future!). I am still getting every cold or sore throat going and Bubba and I seem to be passing some sort of germs to each other regularly.

I'm not as tired as before but it gets to around 9pm and I'm really tired, also I notice if I've had a busy day because that also induces a sort of tiredness that knocks me out. Every now and again I'll have a little sofa nap during the day at the weekend.

I rest my hands on the bump and whilst out I can be found rubbing the bump, I'm sure its only a 'look at me, I'm pregnant' gesture but I can't help it. I'm loud and proud about it.

Bubba is getting used to the idea of having a baby around but still would prefer me to have a puppy and has already sorted some toys she wants to give to the baby. However, once he arrives I bet she won't be as eager to share toys or her time so we will see how that goes!

I'm loving mint sauce at the moment and can eat it on its own (much to Hubby's disgust) and on any type of roast dinner which I seem to be making twice a week (much to Hubby's delight). I can cook again regularly and only get the odd day of sicknes.

All in all my due date seems to be flying towards us and I'm going to start my Hypnobirthing CD's soon!

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