4 Nov 2013

My girl

My girl is very much like me, from birth everyone has said she looks like her daddy. I used to wish she looked like me more as I wanted a mini me (let's face it, no one wants to think their little girl looks like a boy!)

But she is more like me than I'd care to admit, she's quirky like me, doesn't take to strangers too well and when she's tired...she's tired! and doesn't handle being awake and starts to power down (usually goes and lays in a corner/middle of the room/on me or whichever presents itself first). This can be a challenge if you are out and about or with family and friends in the evening. 

She is fast becoming her own person who challenges everything I say. Although frustrating, it's exhilarating to know she's a girl who knows her own mind, will look outside what she is told is right/wrong and will make her own choices.

I still hate taking her to day nursery twice a week and she seems to dislike the process just as much. In the car she tries every excuse she can think of...

"Mummy me sick so can't go"
"Me tired, take me home for sleeps in my bed"
"Mummy me hungry, let's go shop food"
"Me nots want to see my friends today"

She moves on to the heartbreakers

"Mummy me's sad, me nots want to go"
"Please mummy, please me no go today"
"Me stays with mummy and cuddles"

From January I'm changing my work days and hours so I can send her to a preschool 5 mornings a week (for three hours) hoping she will get used to it. Hubby isn't convinced and thinks I'll face the same over five days instead of two. I feel cruel but it's necessary so that September next year she can go into a school nursery and start her education. I don't want my baby hating school but I feel rubbish in the process of making her go whilst she doesn't have to and seeing as she hates it now. 

Sometimes I wish she were a little less like me and could settle or run off as one of those confident carefree kids. Sorry Bubba, you've got your mother to blame for your wanting to stay close (I'm still at 30++ at my happiest when my mummy is there!)
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