16 Nov 2013

Things I can't believe I wasn't told...

I know parenting is an evolving process but there are a few developments that I'm not as keen on...

Gawd! They can whine
Like really, kids have a never ending ability to keep on whining. When Bubba wants something, she will not give up and the whine gets louder, longer and it bounces around every corner of my brain!

They are so cunning
I'm not sure what or where she learnt to be so sneaky but she is. She picks her victims, so if she thinks I won't get her something, she'll turn on the charm with daddy or nanny. The other day she told me she 'only likes daddy, not mummy' because I wasn't letting her get away with anything.

They never ever sit still
Like never, even when Bubba sits still (ish) she cannot help moving some part of her body. A leg twitch, kicking me absent mindley, putting her arms in the air or twiddling a label she has found. It's usually seconds before she is on the move again.

I've become a human climbing frame
I realised that when baby's are small they climb and I was ready for this. She is now 2.5yrs old and if I'm sat down, you can bet she'll be on me in some way. Laying across me, standing on my foot, sitting almost on top of me.

Every second of every day she asks me 'why?' For awhile it was 'why not?' But now we are back to why..."put your shoes on, please" "why?", "don't stand on that!", "why not?". "Let's wash your face", "why do clean face mummy?". It's endless and I've now started saying "because mummy said so!" It's exhausting.

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