11 Nov 2013

What's in a name...

At the moment hubby and I throw names at each other mid conversation, trying to feel out if we both like it. At this stage we have no idea whether it's going to be a girl or boy but will hopefully find out this month. So for now it's all fair game although hubby has trashed a few of my favourites but I'm hoping to win him around.

It's also difficult sharing with other people because as I found out a few weeks ago...the majority of my family weren't keen on a name I liked. So if we called our little one that (don't worry I'm not sharing it here yet!) then are they all going to think 'oh what a weird name?' everytime they look at the little darling!

Bubba too has started her naming things journey. I've mentioned before that she loves animals and will carry bundles of them around. I always used to name them on her behalf (not very original 'woof' for a dog and 'fluffy' for a particularity fluffy stuffed dog.)

Her first foray into names was when she called this dog 'I woof you'. That's because when you push his belly he woofs and says 'I woof you'. See she already has her mothers knack for unusual and imaginative names. On this note I must mention that hubby is a bit more aventguard and has chosen named such as 'bingo' for a dog and 'bounce' for a bunny she has!

So when this little horse arrived (via a kinder egg...oh I love how they keep her quiet and I can use it as a good bribery option).

I was surprised that she instantly named it Cinderella (said 'Cinda-Ella'). I'm not sure why she decided on this name, she has shunned all Disney exports so far and as for dolls and anything girly...well you can count her out. But it was an instant naming ceremony and she was so certain it had to be!

Let's hope I can up my game by the time the bump arrives and also I don't let bubba name it. It could end up being Snow White or woof!!

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