30 Dec 2013

Potty potty potty

I've known for awhile we need to potty train Bubba (I've dreaded it and so not pushed it). Until recently she was also resistant and if your mentioned exchanging nappys for knickers she would get upset so we'd leave it. My mum made a good suggestion to do it over Christmas so we had time and were indoors quite a lot.

Then the week before Christmas, the husband decided to suggest mid morning whilst I was changing her nappy that she could put knickers on. She loved the idea and so potty training had began.

I prepped her loads on what to do if she needed a wee but failed to say anything about a poo! Which left us in the predicament of being upstairs when she started and finished a poo in her knickers. No big deal was made and we carried on. It's a slightly startling experience to put a poo down the loo rather than wrap it up nicely in a nappy!

No wee's were had all morning, at nap time I put a nappy on her and she spent 20 mins shouting from her bedroom that she didn't want to sleep. She came back down with a wet nappy.

The afternoon was spent with her resisting sitting on the potty and no wee's. Then around 4.30pm she did three wee's in her Knicks in a row, literally five minutes apart. After her dinner I suggested she sat on the potty and had a special treat (a kinder egg dragged from the back of the cupboard!). She sat and ate her egg (I'm not beyond massive bribery people). She suddenly said 'I'm doing it' and preceded to do the most massive wee, it filled the potty to the top! I shrieked loudly and nearly scared her half to death! Once she got over the shock, bless her she looked so pleased with herself. It was a lovely moment.

Since then we've had a varying response, she doesn't like using the potty (mainly because she sits for a while, then gets bored and wants to leave). There have been a few days where she either doesn't wee for literally hours or just goes in her knickers.

Much better strike rate with poo and she tells me she is doing it so we've so far made it to the potty in time. Yesterday was our best day: three wee's and one poo...all in the potty. We aren't at the stage where she tells us she wants to go but I'm reading the signs that she needs to go and whip her on the potty. Although we had a breakthrough at 5.30am today when she asked me to get her potty for a wee!

Oh and I wouldn't advise anyone to potty train at 6 months pregnant. It's exhausting all that fast moving to get there in time, the washing loads of wet clothes and getting up and down off the floor!


20 Dec 2013

Thorntons Bumper Christmas Hamper

We all love a bit of chocolate at Christmas and now I'm pregnant I've not needed any excuse to indulge because I'm allowed...ok!

When I took delivery of this wonderful box of goodies, I felt like a little kid at Christmas. I love the snowman and the snow dog so to be confronted by this...

• The Snowman™ and The Snowdog Selection Pack (142g) 
• The Snowman™ and The Snowdog Model (154g) 
• The Snowdog™ White Chocolate Model (80g) 
• Mini The Snowman™ and The Snowdog (22g) x2 
• White Chocolate Snowman Lolly (28g) x2

Well...excited doesn't cover it really. Everything arrived perfectly packed and I just know my little girl is going to love this cute white dog (she's obsessed with anything dog related). So this ones hers...although mummy may have a nibble on those ears.

The other person in my life who could be described as a chocoholic is my Hubby. He's had a tough year and the snowman is his (as are the buttons and small snowmen on sticks). 

Now the Selection box we received was right up my street. One of my biggest weaknesses is fudge (second only to chips!) so obvs I had to open the packet and photograph them and then taste them! All!!

They were beyond superb and unfortunately I got called out on this when I visited the midwife later in the day.  She did the dip test and asked if I'd had anything sweet. Now they are monitoring my sugar levels a bit closer although this particular sugar rush was all fudge and very much worth it (oh how I enjoyed them whilst Bubba was having a nap and I don't even feel bad about not sharing...that's how good they were).


The selection box is a good mix of white and milk chocolate bits and would make a great present. I always get a selection box at Christmas. If you haven't got the last bits and pieces for your loved ones then get moving, you know what to do...Christmas gifts here at Thorntons.

Thorntons are also running some competitions as well so check them out: 

Win a Winter Wonderland Holiday in Magical Lapland with Thomas Cook - Take your family on a 3-night magical holiday to Lapland, inspired by the Snowman™ and the Snowdog, in December 2014!
This is a collaborative post but all opinions and chocolate (& fudge) consumption is all mine (oh yeah forgot I've got to share!)


What I'm reading now

Or rather what I'm panicking about...yep you guessed it, it's pregnancy related.

After my last labour which was controlled and I was in the zone, I wanted to try a bit of hypnobirthing this time. The courses aren't too accessible for me at the moment so I got myself a cd which comes with a small leaflet book to try.

Effective birth preparation

So far I've managed to download them onto my iTunes and listened to the introduction but that's about it. I keep thinking that I should listen to it but my evenings seem to disappear in a haze of house stuff and tiredness. It'll probably be the week before baby arrives that I finally listen to it!

The Second Baby Survival Guide

I've gone through the pregnancy section and (much to his disdain whilst trying to work) I've read bits out to Hubby. It's true what they say about these types of books - it isn't telling me anything particularly new or ground breaking but it's reassuring that I'm not the only one thinking certain things.

There's a House inside my Mummy

The last book is for me to read to Bubba but to be truthful, so far she hasn't been interested (perhaps just in denial). It wasn't particularly what I expected either and I must admit I'm not really into it as yet but I'll have another look after Christmas to see what we both think of it.


17 Dec 2013

The Night Before Christmas - Book Review

Our latest adventure as a Parragon Book Buddy scheme saw this lovely book arrive. 

The Night Before Christmas - Clement C Moore

We have this book in many different guises...hard back, small book and large book but this is the first time Bubba will entertain it being read to her. Before now, the copies we have are a little bit staid with their illustration and they don't appeal to me, let alone bubba.
This version is lovely and I know I say it all the time but I adore the illustrations. They are so child friendly and they keep my girl sitting still.

We like going through all the reindeer names and picking out which one we think they are in the picture. Bubba is good at all their names now.

I'm also pleased that this version has left out the whole pipe in the house with smoke encircling his head like a wreath. Try explaining that one to a girl whose favourite words are 'why?' and 'what does that mean?' Then you'll understand why leaving that bit out was helpful for me.

 Also the big man himself is nice and friendly looking so Bubba doesn't mind him. Some we've read (or any Christmas books so far we have) seem to have these creepy looking fella's and if any one of them came into our house my girl would absolutely freak out!

This is a classic tale and one we all know (or at least know of) so there are no real surprises but this version is nicely set out on the page and has some magical feeling illustrations, so it's a keeper for us and at the end of Christmas it will make its way into the loft with the decorations, to be discovered all over again next year.

See more books over at the Parragon Book page on Facebook.

13 Dec 2013

It's business mama

I've always been in awe of women who become mothers (normally of loads of kids) and manage to work and be successful. Some days I can just about manage to get through the day with a toddler and a bump, that's without factoring in my part time job, home business and the usual mundane things that take up time around the house.

My little business although ticking by over on Etsy, isn't going to win me business woman of the year but it still niggles at the back of my mind saying things like 'you need to push at advertising' 'work harder and smarter' but I'm at the stage where I'm scared. Silly really because the aim of business is to grow it and reap the benefits but equally this involves more work and time, which I'm worried I'm running out of at the moment. I don't want to compromise my time with Bubba or spread myself too thinly with a new baby on the way. Guess that's the difference in what makes a successful entrepreneur - making that leap of faith, devoting more time to it than you think you have.

I don't want to lose momentum as I really love my little kits but I can't find my direction at the moment. I'm hoping that after the Christmas rush I'll be able (before the baby arrives) to reinvigorate myself and actually get going again with marketing and selling my kits - whilst adding party boxes and special occasion craft kits.

I had a lovely review and quite unexpected in Cross Stitcher magazine a few months back. It's such a buzz to see something you've created in print and in a magazine I read. I made my mum buy a copy as well as showing anyone who would look/listen. I'm going to get my copy laminated and keep it forever...I know! Rock n roll eh!
I also sent out some kits to a couple of bloggers whose work I love to read, as they had both expressed an interest in washi but didn't know where to start. So thank you Charlotte from Write Like No One's Watching and Jennifer from Jennifer's Little World, it's lovely to see what can be made with washi (& long over due that I'm thanking you both).

Look out for more updates in the new year and also the addition of wooden stamps...oh yeah stamps baby - I love a bit of stamping on card (as does Bubba) so if I can actually tear myself away from keeping them all, hopefully they will go live next year.

11 Dec 2013

This time it's different...

I was talking to a few women recently who have either had a second baby or are currently pregnant. In each case it's been agreed with sighs and nods of the head that it's a totally different experience.

For instance, first time around it was all bump rubbing and staring aimlessly out of windows imagining a perfect baby. Everything was full of excitement and promise, my baby would sleep and I'd have coffee mornings. I thought long and leisurely about who she would look like, her name and all the fun we'd have. I'd keep going back to the name books, pouring over them to make sure the name we had decided on was the best I could find.

I had time to choose and wash a lot of small clothing whilst on mat leave, almost a month before my due date. This time I'm hoping to work as long as possible, mainly so I get a rest at work!! But also so I get longer afterwards because I know how fast it all goes. This time I found a name we both liked and I'm sort of sticking with it, not really bothered about checking books or seeing what else is out there. I'm not going to get a dedicated maternity coat, last time it made me feel like a whale, this time I'll be squeezing myself into my normal coat for as long as possible!
Now, I rub the bump because it aches where the toddler has just had me trotting around the living room pretending to be a horse! If my thoughts wander to the future it's more 'god, how am I going to get out the house on time with two kids?' And my brain shifts a gear and suddenly I'm thinking 'shit! I've forgotten to get a load of washing out of the machine and what am I going to feed bubba tonight?'

I haven't been as militant on taking my multi vitamin or oiling up the bump constantly. Last time it was a religiously followed regime, now it's all a bit hit and miss. I'm more lenient on food and if I fancy something then I eat it, cake features heavily in my diet these days.

The husband is less attentive this time around, I have to remind him (constantly) that I'm pregnant. Not really something you can miss, I'm nearing 6 months but he seems to miss it. He is far less attentive and I'm not treated with kid gloves this time, it's more a roll of the eyes and I look that says 'well this is nothing new, been here before'

We aren't worried about buying new furniture of decorating the baby's room just yet. We have most of the things we need at the moment.

Along with less attention from midwives, it's sort of expected that I know what I'm doing. I'm not sure I do really but I guess I'm here, doing it. This time my bump looks like a comedy football up my top whereas last pregnancy I seemed to spread around the middle.

I'm tired, I wake up tired, I go to bed tired, admittedly not as tired as those first three months but I'm t.i.r.e.d all the time. Tired and hormonal, with no time for silly people and my moral compass seems to have kicked up a gear. Seriously, don't get in my way, I have very firm views at the moment!

It's exciting but in a different way, I'm looking forward to simple cuddles with a newborn and not a riggly, squirming cuddle from a busy toddler. I hope I get a chance to stare uninterrupted into a small wonderful new little persons eyes. More than anything, I'm looking forward to being complete as a family and seeing my beautiful girl guide a little brother in her wiley ways and the fun they'll have in the future.

9 Dec 2013

Christmas cards...something a bit different

I think it could be my hormones as I've never been good at sending Christmas cards (well can't stand the faff usually) but this year I made a point of sending Bubba to nursery with 45 cards for class mates and teachers. All done on the 4th December, I know, super mum eh! Or just very hormonal.

So when we received a Cardooo activity card, I really got excited as it hit my Christmas card spot.

As you can see, Bubba stated her claim straight away and we spent a wonderful (peaceful) time looking at it. The idea behind the card is that there are lots of things to do such as stickers, drawing pictures and reading a story (all neatly packed into a normal envelope so no extra charge if you are sending it to family or friends). We chose the Christmas card but they do cards for birthdays, moving house and special occasions etc.

I love the attention to detail in these cards, such as the little letters in envelopes within the card (which bubba now carries around with her!)

I couldn't get very good pictures because Bubba was like a crazed animal and literally pounced on the card, stickers etc as I was opening it. She can't read it yet but takes it off the shelf regularly to flick through the pages and I'm able to string out the activities (tomorrow we will be drawing the presents faces on).

I'm probably sounding all bah humbug now but I'm sure I'll be able to put this card away with all the Christmas decorations and bring it out again next year so we can read the story again.

If you have a special birthday for youngsters then I would urge you to pop over to Cardooo and see the brilliant cards. Be warned, there is a fair bit of choice so look early so you have time to decide.

We were sent the card for review but all words & opinions are our own.

4 Dec 2013

Doing it wrong

In the life of a toddler you can pretty much guarantee that 99.9% of the time you aren't doing what they wanted.

A request of fish fingers with dippy sauce that you have put in a splodge next to the fish with result in an almighty tantrum. A week later (after learning your lesson!) you will put the sauce in a cute little pot next to the fish. WRONG! Again you will be met with a wild child who wanted it in a splodge next to the fish.

You will never get it right, if you are smug and think you got it right, you are so wrong! I repeat, you will never get it right!

For instance when we went shopping last week, I picked up some jelly sachets and Bubba spent that evening carrying them around the house. I promised I'd make some jelly, I promptly forgot. So next morning I made jelly whilst getting us ready to leave for nursery and ushering the electrician in to start pulling up carpets (so read: manic). Thinking I was clever, I poured it into some ice cube trays she had been using as skateboards (don't ask, toddlers imaginations are vivid!). Smugly I thought 'she's going to love this'. Wrong.

When she saw what I'd done, all hell broke loose and a tantrum in the kitchen ensued. She didn't want it in her skateboards mixed with wanting the non set jelly right away.

My pride at doing something good was replaced with disappointment that I'd got it wrong again!

Anyway, we sat eating the jelly that evening and the next day straight from the ice cube trays (purely because I couldn't get it out of the mold without making a huge mess. Mummy fail!

2 Dec 2013

Starting to understand

My girl hated everything Christmas last year, she really didn't care for Father Christmas and cried when it was time to have her photo taken with him. She tried eating all our decorations, so much so that this year I had to buy new ones, ones without teeth marks!

This year she already gets that she needs to ask Father Christmas for what she wants (a green T-Rex dinosaur). She even had the audacity to go up to our local Santa in the shopping center (who incidentally only popped out of his workshop for a quick wave and to stretch his legs) to ask for the a fore mentioned Dino. We hadn't paid to see him or have any intention of doing so.

I'm excited this year, she can repeat, parrot fashion, that to get presents she needs to be a good girl. I'm hoping it sinks in along the way! Yep I'm aware I sound fairly naive about that. We've also got an elf on the shelf to keep her on the straight and narrow!

The bit I wasn't expecting was her observation and subsequent questioning over the fact Father Christmas looks different every time she sees him. I mumbled something about how he probably brushed his hair differently! But this week we are off to our local garden centre to visit his workshop and meet him. Bubba has been primed (by my mum) to ask Santa why he looks different on the tv, in pictures and in person. Can't wait for the answer!
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