9 Dec 2013

Christmas cards...something a bit different

I think it could be my hormones as I've never been good at sending Christmas cards (well can't stand the faff usually) but this year I made a point of sending Bubba to nursery with 45 cards for class mates and teachers. All done on the 4th December, I know, super mum eh! Or just very hormonal.

So when we received a Cardooo activity card, I really got excited as it hit my Christmas card spot.

As you can see, Bubba stated her claim straight away and we spent a wonderful (peaceful) time looking at it. The idea behind the card is that there are lots of things to do such as stickers, drawing pictures and reading a story (all neatly packed into a normal envelope so no extra charge if you are sending it to family or friends). We chose the Christmas card but they do cards for birthdays, moving house and special occasions etc.

I love the attention to detail in these cards, such as the little letters in envelopes within the card (which bubba now carries around with her!)

I couldn't get very good pictures because Bubba was like a crazed animal and literally pounced on the card, stickers etc as I was opening it. She can't read it yet but takes it off the shelf regularly to flick through the pages and I'm able to string out the activities (tomorrow we will be drawing the presents faces on).

I'm probably sounding all bah humbug now but I'm sure I'll be able to put this card away with all the Christmas decorations and bring it out again next year so we can read the story again.

If you have a special birthday for youngsters then I would urge you to pop over to Cardooo and see the brilliant cards. Be warned, there is a fair bit of choice so look early so you have time to decide.

We were sent the card for review but all words & opinions are our own.
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