13 Dec 2013

It's business mama

I've always been in awe of women who become mothers (normally of loads of kids) and manage to work and be successful. Some days I can just about manage to get through the day with a toddler and a bump, that's without factoring in my part time job, home business and the usual mundane things that take up time around the house.

My little business although ticking by over on Etsy, isn't going to win me business woman of the year but it still niggles at the back of my mind saying things like 'you need to push at advertising' 'work harder and smarter' but I'm at the stage where I'm scared. Silly really because the aim of business is to grow it and reap the benefits but equally this involves more work and time, which I'm worried I'm running out of at the moment. I don't want to compromise my time with Bubba or spread myself too thinly with a new baby on the way. Guess that's the difference in what makes a successful entrepreneur - making that leap of faith, devoting more time to it than you think you have.

I don't want to lose momentum as I really love my little kits but I can't find my direction at the moment. I'm hoping that after the Christmas rush I'll be able (before the baby arrives) to reinvigorate myself and actually get going again with marketing and selling my kits - whilst adding party boxes and special occasion craft kits.

I had a lovely review and quite unexpected in Cross Stitcher magazine a few months back. It's such a buzz to see something you've created in print and in a magazine I read. I made my mum buy a copy as well as showing anyone who would look/listen. I'm going to get my copy laminated and keep it forever...I know! Rock n roll eh!
I also sent out some kits to a couple of bloggers whose work I love to read, as they had both expressed an interest in washi but didn't know where to start. So thank you Charlotte from Write Like No One's Watching and Jennifer from Jennifer's Little World, it's lovely to see what can be made with washi (& long over due that I'm thanking you both).

Look out for more updates in the new year and also the addition of wooden stamps...oh yeah stamps baby - I love a bit of stamping on card (as does Bubba) so if I can actually tear myself away from keeping them all, hopefully they will go live next year.
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