30 Dec 2013

Potty potty potty

I've known for awhile we need to potty train Bubba (I've dreaded it and so not pushed it). Until recently she was also resistant and if your mentioned exchanging nappys for knickers she would get upset so we'd leave it. My mum made a good suggestion to do it over Christmas so we had time and were indoors quite a lot.

Then the week before Christmas, the husband decided to suggest mid morning whilst I was changing her nappy that she could put knickers on. She loved the idea and so potty training had began.

I prepped her loads on what to do if she needed a wee but failed to say anything about a poo! Which left us in the predicament of being upstairs when she started and finished a poo in her knickers. No big deal was made and we carried on. It's a slightly startling experience to put a poo down the loo rather than wrap it up nicely in a nappy!

No wee's were had all morning, at nap time I put a nappy on her and she spent 20 mins shouting from her bedroom that she didn't want to sleep. She came back down with a wet nappy.

The afternoon was spent with her resisting sitting on the potty and no wee's. Then around 4.30pm she did three wee's in her Knicks in a row, literally five minutes apart. After her dinner I suggested she sat on the potty and had a special treat (a kinder egg dragged from the back of the cupboard!). She sat and ate her egg (I'm not beyond massive bribery people). She suddenly said 'I'm doing it' and preceded to do the most massive wee, it filled the potty to the top! I shrieked loudly and nearly scared her half to death! Once she got over the shock, bless her she looked so pleased with herself. It was a lovely moment.

Since then we've had a varying response, she doesn't like using the potty (mainly because she sits for a while, then gets bored and wants to leave). There have been a few days where she either doesn't wee for literally hours or just goes in her knickers.

Much better strike rate with poo and she tells me she is doing it so we've so far made it to the potty in time. Yesterday was our best day: three wee's and one poo...all in the potty. We aren't at the stage where she tells us she wants to go but I'm reading the signs that she needs to go and whip her on the potty. Although we had a breakthrough at 5.30am today when she asked me to get her potty for a wee!

Oh and I wouldn't advise anyone to potty train at 6 months pregnant. It's exhausting all that fast moving to get there in time, the washing loads of wet clothes and getting up and down off the floor!

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