17 Dec 2013

The Night Before Christmas - Book Review

Our latest adventure as a Parragon Book Buddy scheme saw this lovely book arrive. 

The Night Before Christmas - Clement C Moore

We have this book in many different guises...hard back, small book and large book but this is the first time Bubba will entertain it being read to her. Before now, the copies we have are a little bit staid with their illustration and they don't appeal to me, let alone bubba.
This version is lovely and I know I say it all the time but I adore the illustrations. They are so child friendly and they keep my girl sitting still.

We like going through all the reindeer names and picking out which one we think they are in the picture. Bubba is good at all their names now.

I'm also pleased that this version has left out the whole pipe in the house with smoke encircling his head like a wreath. Try explaining that one to a girl whose favourite words are 'why?' and 'what does that mean?' Then you'll understand why leaving that bit out was helpful for me.

 Also the big man himself is nice and friendly looking so Bubba doesn't mind him. Some we've read (or any Christmas books so far we have) seem to have these creepy looking fella's and if any one of them came into our house my girl would absolutely freak out!

This is a classic tale and one we all know (or at least know of) so there are no real surprises but this version is nicely set out on the page and has some magical feeling illustrations, so it's a keeper for us and at the end of Christmas it will make its way into the loft with the decorations, to be discovered all over again next year.

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