20 Dec 2013

What I'm reading now

Or rather what I'm panicking about...yep you guessed it, it's pregnancy related.

After my last labour which was controlled and I was in the zone, I wanted to try a bit of hypnobirthing this time. The courses aren't too accessible for me at the moment so I got myself a cd which comes with a small leaflet book to try.

Effective birth preparation

So far I've managed to download them onto my iTunes and listened to the introduction but that's about it. I keep thinking that I should listen to it but my evenings seem to disappear in a haze of house stuff and tiredness. It'll probably be the week before baby arrives that I finally listen to it!

The Second Baby Survival Guide

I've gone through the pregnancy section and (much to his disdain whilst trying to work) I've read bits out to Hubby. It's true what they say about these types of books - it isn't telling me anything particularly new or ground breaking but it's reassuring that I'm not the only one thinking certain things.

There's a House inside my Mummy

The last book is for me to read to Bubba but to be truthful, so far she hasn't been interested (perhaps just in denial). It wasn't particularly what I expected either and I must admit I'm not really into it as yet but I'll have another look after Christmas to see what we both think of it.

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