4 Jan 2014

Bring back my girl

This is the face of a girl who exudes personality...a strong personality! You know when she is happy about something and you really really know when she doesn't agree with you or doesn't want to do something. It's a struggle right now, I thought we'd hit the terrible twos and I could always talk her down from whatever edge she was on but now we've got to the point she will not do anything she doesn't want to do. There is no real tantrum but rather an aggressive 'NO' shouted over and over, she is bossy and will try and tell everyone what to do. It's what I imagined living with a teenager would be like, except she's fast approaching three...not thirteen.

This has intensified over the last week to the point I'm ending my day weeping. I know I'm all hormonal too and can't cater to her every whim of playing lions crawling around on the floor for the fifth time in one day. But this is extreme bossiness and a no climbing down from the idea that what she wants is the way it's going down!

She is having less naps during the week so evenings are a bit touch and go on what mood she'll be in. I'm not sure this is the answer as she can be just as strong willed first thing in the morning or middle of the day too. I find myself either using threats of 'if we don't do this...then the tv goes off/we can't go there' etc or I try and negotiate or bribe my way through a situation. I feel like I'm failing her and myself most days and my toddler is in control.

We are telling her constantly that nobody likes a bossy boots and that if you are nice to people they will be nice back (well most of the time). I'm also hot on manners and remind her on 'please and thankyou' when she doesn't volunteer them. I'm not sure what else to do as I don't want to extinguish her feistiness completely, I just want to tame the beast occasionally.

For the last week it's been a struggle to clean her teeth, wash her face and get her dressed. A power struggle commences, I don't loose my temper, I don't force her but the sheer effort involved to convince her to do things she previously did without question leaves me wanting to bang my head against a brick wall.

I've had a few days when it's just the two of us that she is such a sweet, kind and good natured little girl. I start to question whether I'm overreacting but then she turns into an opinionated, rebelling, teenager in the making that I start to fear whether I'll cope with two children. I don't even want to think about the teenage years.
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