28 Jan 2014

Bump Obsession

It seems I've developed an obsession...I can't walk past my work toilets without taking a picture of my bump. I do love my bump (although I moan a lot to hubby about it), it does get in the way and make me feel like a whale a lot but it's also quite comforting to have and I probably won't miss it but equally I'm kinda loving it right now.
1st Trimester
All the pictures show me on the smaller side at the bottom of each frame working up to my biggest at that trimester in the top right picture. Yeah I know, slightly confusing way to do it but hey I'm pregnant and it seemed sensible at the time!

2nd Trimester
I'm a lot smaller than I was last time around (although I'm packing a piece of birthday cake a day at the moment as it was my birthday and I got a massive cake!). My bump is very much at the front where as with Bubba I sort of spread all around - not sure if it's different because this time I'm expecting a boy but it does feel like I have a football strapped to my front and before I can remember feeling more whale like with overall weight gain.
3rd Trimester
I'm still in skinny jeans this time (albeit with an elasticated waist). The bump seems to be dropping lower (I'm 7 months pregnant now) and my SPD has flared up (Symphysis pubis dysfunction) where I get a grinding sensation in my pubic area slows me down a lot and I can't walk very far for too long, it started later in my last pregnancy - around 8.5/9 months. My morning sickness is also back with a vengeance which is slightly annoying and I hadn't realised this could happen...but oh yes, I googled it and some women can experience it again in trimester three as the hormones kick in again. Oh lucky me! Baby's movement is starting to hurt as he runs out of room and I often wince loudly which makes Hubby go a bit white and scared looking (he always fears the worst!).

I'm getting more tired again now and getting a lot of leg cramps in the night and a general inability to sleep very well at all. I am getting used to the tired feeling, guess it's getting me ready for the immediate future with a newborn again. All in all I'm about as ready as I'm going to be for this baby now, so with 10 weeks left...bring it on!

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