17 Jan 2014


It's only when you become a parent that you realise that if your child is happy then you will be happy. It's not about the fancy stuff, expensive things or blue sky thinking that'll make you smile the most. It's knowing you are the reason your little person is smiling or that you are helping them grow and function without you.

This week has been one of discovery for me, seeing my girl in a different light. I used to think perhaps she may be high maintenance and unable settle in a nursery setting. Now I know different, it's just finding the right place for her to feel comfortable.

We are in week two of preschool and today she let me kiss her on the cheek, help her up the step and then she was gone. No backward glance, no crying or hanging onto my leg (as I was used to at her old day nursery for 18 months). She just disappeared in with the other children for three hours of fun and games. Now she talks about preschool in positive language, tells me snippets of what she's done and looks forward to going the next day. This is what most parents must experience from the off whereas I've been used to 'black Wednesday' where the build up would start before we left home, the moaning as we rounded the corner and nursery was in sight and the crying and leg hanging on when I tried to leave her there.

This is heaven in comparison and although still a bit disconcerting,it's a weight off my mind. She seems to have grown up in the two weeks she's been going, her mind is more certain and she walks with a bit of a swagger now.

All I've got to do now is finding a way of disposing of some of the tat...I mean artwork that she brings home! A lot of it is good, some of it bad and a few (large) items that are indistinguishable as anything other than a milk carton taped to a plastic biscuit tray with empty loo rolls stuck on!
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