13 Jan 2014

Hive - A brilliant piece of kit

In my time as a mother there have been lots of things for baby I thought I wanted or needed only for them to gather dust in a cupboard. But this, as soon as I saw it, I wanted it...weird really because it isn't the latest nail varnish or pair of shoes but a groovy gadgety piece of kit (that is the technical term I promise) for heating and hot water. I never thought I'd get excited over having our house rewired but I did and now the hubby is considering getting Hive Active Heating for us too since I directed him to it. In short it helps you to control your heating remotely, through a laptop or mobile, on the move - when you aren't at home. The video makes it look so easy to use and something every one could benefit from, me included.

Its such a great idea and really hit home to me how useful it would be when I found myself stuck in hospital for over six hours on Friday. I had been for pregnancy jabs at our local hospital in the morning, casually mentioned to my midwife that I hadn't felt baby move too much and also my left side (hand and leg) were swelling up. Before I knew it I was sent to another hospital to have the baby monitored and my leg scanned for a DVT, granted our heating wasn't the first thing on my mind but as the hours dwindled away whilst I waited to see the doctor (after it was established everything was fine by the midwife) at the clinic I really did think it would be great if we had the system. I could then of turned off the heating set to come on at 4pm, as no one was in the house because I'd had to leave Bubba with my mum and dad, and set it ready for when we actually arrived home 7.10pm. We have a really old inefficient boiler which we are hoping to change within the next few months so saving money where we can before the new arrival really appeals to me at the moment.

I also like the idea that I could be sat on the sofa and instead of hauling my very heavy pregnant body to the boiler control panel, I can use my mobile to put the heating on. Or even with a newborn asleep on me, you know when your tea has gone cold, you want to turn the tv over and the heating isn't on but you don't want to disturb the baby - wouldn't it be perfect.

This is a collaborative post...but we are very much considering this for our home
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