21 Jan 2014



This is the response I get when I ask my daughter what she just did (usually when she is looking sheepish in a corner after doing something wrong).

It's something she says straight after I've asked her if she has fun at preschool (usually the answer is yes) followed by my question "what did you do today?" a pause from her then "nuffing"

I see the artwork that comes home with her (sometimes good, sometimes I'm not sure what it is, what way to stick in on the wall or how I'm going to loose it in the bin!) but I know that it isn't nothing that she's done.

It's a word but not a word really, I would rather she came home and said 'everything' then at least I'd know she actually realised it was something more than nothing!

I'm sure, well in fact I know it is, a word I will hear over and over again as she grows up. Teenage years I presume will be littered with that little innocuous word and I'm equally sure that it will grate on my soul more and more.

I may start using it myself when I have an audience in the bathroom and she asks me what I'm doing or when I leave the room and she asks where I'm going and what I'll be doing (sometimes only going out to check the dinner is cooking!) I may just say 'nuffing' and see what she says.

Oh I do hope she starts to use more eloquent words to describe her days, I love words and the way they sound and 'nothing' isn't on my list of great words to use.
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