30 Jan 2014

Our Home...the Kitchen

We moved late summer last year and since then we have slowly been trying to make our house a home. It's slow progress with a toddler, being pregnant and having lots of things that need doing. When we first viewed the house we knew it needed a bit of love and energy to make it into somewhere we will hopefully spend very many happy family years (I'm thinking I don't want to move again!).

We didn't really realise how much behind the scenes work needed doing, so far we have had the whole house rewired (major overhaul) and next looking for a new boiler and again I've been told this is going to need new pipework throughout the house (floorboards up again and a weeks worth of work). But it's all good because at least it will be all new and ready for decorating (this is a distant future hope at the moment).

The day we moved in I openly weeped at the mess the original kitchen had been left in, the floor which I thought was a black and cream pattern when we viewed...scrubbed up to be a pale cream colour - that's how long it had not been washed (it was slightly sticky under foot too and I hate to think now how the man before us lived in that state). Anyway moving on swiftly, the kitchen is an area we are keen to upgrade at some point, all the cupboard doors have broken handles so you have to open them from the side, there wasn't originally enough room for a fridge but we've sorted that now. The cooker was a sight to behold, it hadn't been cleaned in what looked like years and as I opened the grill on the first night, I was confronted by this...

That's a grill pan that had layer upon layer of greased tin foil, never cleaned but just added to with each cooking experience. The front had springs falling apart which I was scared bubba might gouge her eye out on and the cooking experience was often hit and miss with some things being cooked and others not. I have never owned my own oven before, when I moved into my flat the previous owner left one, when hubby and I brought our first house again there was an old oven included. So I'm fairly used to making do and working around old and worn out cookers.

Fast forward to now and the only thing to have changed in the kitchen so far is that we now have a spangly new oven from Argos. Oh how I love it already, it's smaller than what we had but it packs more of a punch on the cooking front than our old one. It has an integrated grill that doesn't need separate cleaning and there is a fabulous cut off safety option (which is necessary as bubba does like touching buttons these days) and the light inside actually works...I know, see how easily pleased I am.

The delivery was great and I got a text message to say when it would be delivered (which was my birthday and hubby tried to pass it off as a fab birthday present), they gave a two hour delivery slot and promised to call when they were an hour away. This couldn't have been smoother and after many a day in my life where I've waited for a delivery that never arrives or gets to you 10 minutes before the limit...this seemed a bit too easy. Honestly if you are in the market for a new cooker then I suggest you have a look at Argos...gas cookers available here.

As it's gas we had to have a gas man install it (and he did this within 15 minutes) and I was good to go. Bubba and I christened it with making some rock cakes which, as you can see, turned out really well.

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