25 Jan 2014

Rapid Return Exhaustion

With bubba's now erratic sleep schedule, bedtime had become a bit of a battle. She has had a cold as well and we've been a bit indulgent by sitting with her until she falls asleep. It's only taken 10 minutes at most and it's a nice quiet time where I listen to her heavy puffy breathing in the darkness and I can dream about our futures. That is until the few nights where she has demanded that I sit in the chair because she's lonely. I'm all for indulging my beauty but realise it's an issue when she expects it or orders I do it.

So Rapid Return has come into play (or as I like to call it, 40 minutes of boring hell!).

So the deal is that when you leave the room, if they get up and follow you, just keep returning them to bed (super nanny stylie). 

The first time you sweetly remind them "it's bedtime honey".

Next time a simple "bedtime"

Then hardcore just guiding them back to bed making sure you don't speak or make eye contact. This bit is harder as they try to break you constantly.

I returned her to bed a staggering 58 times, which in anyone's book is a lot. Let alone being 7 months pregnant (it feels like I've had a proper work out). This was often really rapid, as I was walking back to her door I could hear her rustling around and getting out. A few times I turned and she nestled back into bed but mostly (slyly) she waited till I got to the door before making her escape.

A few times before she got to the gate she had circled back on herself and headed towards bed as soon as she saw me approach.

Once I got a "me sorry mummy" as she got caught. This nearly broke me!

Three times she commando crawled to the gate in an attempt to out fox me.

Twice I had to lift her into bed.

There was one attempt at holding my hand on the way back to bed. Instead I gently placed my hand on the small of her back. I so wanted to hold her hand.

More often than not she walked ahead of me and got back into bed and I just pulled the covers over her.

I found it fairly funny this time as dinner was happily bubbling in the slow cooker, I didn't need to be anywhere and I had decided this is what needed doing. The last time I rapid returned was about three in the morning last year - then it was more frustrating.

I'm glad she has a bit of gumption and fire in her belly but she's picked the wrong mumma to mess with. I can be stubborn and know this isn't cruel so I don't feel guilty. I just hope tomorrow isn't too tough!

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