28 Feb 2014

Fussy Eater or just stubborn

I recently posted this picture of Bubba's dinner that I spent a while preparing and she took one look and shook her head, removed herself from the table and demanded a cracker. The food (which I ended up polishing off) was lovely and full of the foods she loves. But just by looking at it, she deemed it not worth her while and so ate a cracker instead.
I know she is hungry and I fully appreciate she doesn't like everything but it's so frustrating when she won't even try food. This isn't new to her food, it's the stuff she used to eat with gusto. Now she refuses to even try it, I'd at least be slightly happier if she tried it. But no, she will eagerly approach the table, take one look at what's on offer and either push the plate away (this aggravates me more than anything) or just say 'no' and walk off.

I/we have tried everything from ignoring it and giving her a slice of toast instead, bribing her with offers of pudding (which often works) or feeding her like a baby - spoonful by spoonful. Often it's just the first mouthful that she refuses, once I've got her to eat that, she realises she likes it and often polishes off the rest.
Vegetables took a nose dive awhile ago and now it's dinner in general. She eats well at breakfast and lunch but although hungry (because she asks for her dinner) she never tucks in.

I can't hide vegetables in tomato based sauces because she doesn't go for them. She has never been a girl who likes sauces (well since she has been walking) so that's spaghetti bolognese out the window, fish pie and the like. When younger she would eat anything and everything and I was rather smug that my girl loved things like mackerel and smoked salmon, strong cheese and most vegetables. Now not even magic sauce (tomato sauce) does the trick, she avoids it like the plague!  I now even give smaller meals (like the one above), it was a proper small portion, I'm not sure you could get smaller and call it a meal, so that she didn't look and think 'blimey there's a lot for me to eat but it still didn't get eaten. Two weeks ago I gave her the same homemade cottage pie and she polished the lot off - this was however, if I remember rightly, when I bribed her with ice cream afterwards.

I don't want to or can't really bribe her at every meal because I don't think it gives her a healthy perception of eating and besides I think I'd loose the will to live. I just want her to eat a fairly healthy meal once in a while!

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