7 Feb 2014

Things I'm now good at

I could win competitions for finishing off my child's dinner in record time. I tell myself that tonight I won't touch her plate and hoover up all the leftovers. Then I crack and think, well just one mouthful, then before I know it I've polished the lot off. I've even been know to cook a bit extra...you know, just to make sure it's not poisonous!

I can now answer any 'why' question with "I don't know" or "because I said so". Consequently I've managed to make my toddler believe I'm thick and she loves nothing more than telling me I got something wrong or asking daddy if mummy is right!

I'm really good at that annoying double conversation lark. You know when you used to phone a friend with a child and mid conversation she would suddenly start talking to her child or worse...put them on the phone to speak to you just as you wanted to offload your relationship woes. Well I'm that annoying woman now, hubby phones and I'm mid negotiating a potty break for the child, I then tell him in graphic detail what she is doing. All he wants to tell me is that he is on the way home. It's not just hubby I do this to either.

I'm a great trampoline/climbing frame. At any opportunity, as soon as I sit down, bubba will use me to either get somewhere else or try and climb on me.

I finish sentences, mainly for Bubba but I have been known to do this to other people too. She will start saying something and I'll either pre empt it or 'suggest' what she was going to say. More often than not she doesn't really seem to have a clue what she was or is saying so this has come in helpful when eliminating options for us both.

I can wake up for the smallest, faintest of sniffles in the night and lay in the dark listening and trying to decipher whether I need to get up. I'm also fairly good at a covert nudge in hubby's ribs to wake him up and then I can pretend snore so it makes him get up rather than me.

It's easier to ignore the whining and fidgeting that a small child can do, it used to grate on my nerves when kids did this. I can carry on cooking dinner whilst my girl whines about wanting chocolate whilst simultaneously hanging off my leg to make sure she gets maximum attention.

I can now wave goodbye and smile at my girl when she heads into preschool and make it look genuinely like I don't want to run back in and bring her back out. Don't get me wrong, I like my time at work but it's just leaving her with others and not knowing what's happening that gets me. Nobody can look after my girl as well as I can...

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