6 Mar 2014

Hormonal Musings - 36 weeks

Time seems to be passing quickly now and I can't believe that in four weeks time  I'll be bump less with babe in arms.

At my 34 week appointment the midwife was a bit wishy washy about whether baby was head down or not but eventually said 'I think he is but he's still free' so I'm guessing she was covering all bases in case he wasn't.

This week I went for a follow up appointment with the consultant about my moods and he happily signed me off and wished me a happy delivery (I'm still going to be monitored post pregnancy in case the blues hit hard). He checked bump whilst I was there and established in seconds that my boy was definitely head down and 3/4ths engaged. I felt euphoric the rest of the day which is strange seeing as I'd almost got to the stage where I thought having a c-section would be preferable because I'm getting scared at the thought of labour. But now my maternal instincts are kicking in and I want to birth my baby...fairly surreal feeling.

I also spoke to the midwife and she asked if I'd considered home birth and I'm not against it but just hadn't really considered it an option for me. I heard myself say "perhaps for the next baby I will". She said she was impressed I was talking about baby number three...so was I really because until now I've been adamant two is enough. See this is what hormones do to us women!!!

I'm a lot more relaxed about bubba's lack of sleep, lack of eating and general toddler cheekiness and we've been muddling through on copious amounts of cake and rubbish. It's something I'll tackle after I've got this new baby into the world. I've come to realise there is only so much I can do and getting through is good enough at the moment.

I'm still trying to listen to my hypnobirth cd but I keep falling asleep during it so not sure what good it's doing at the moment. I'm really anxious about birth and labour which is odd because first time around I had a straight forward birth experience with only gas and air.

I'm starting to swell big time now. Woke up with attractive face swelling the other day and my feet in the last few days have started to balloon throughout the day and  I'm struggling with shoes. But it's not too bad as I've got only a short time left now.

I've developed a desire to eat pineapple and exotic fruit chunks from the little cartons you get in supermarkets. If you gave me a bowl full of fruit prepared I wouldn't be as keen, it's the eating out of the pot that's doing it for me. Such a bizarre craving.

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