31 Mar 2014

Hormonal Musings - week 39

I can't believe I'm in the home straight now! As my mum keeps saying "it's days now, count in days". It seems to have been a long old road I've travelled this time, emotionally and physically. I guess that's age and the life we already have created. There's more to think about this time and more people to consider.

I've had a tough week during my 38th week, at the weekend I experienced a splattering of contractions, on Saturday morning and evening, then on Sunday severe back pain (similar to period pain) which left me stuck to the sofa with a hot water bottle feeling crap. My whole back would seize up and Monday I couldn't really move even to climb the stairs. Hubby took the day off work and sorted Bubba out whilst I moped around generally ate cakes and wondered how I'd cope!

Tuesday I was a bit sore and all I wanted to do was stay close to home. No pain, apart from trying to get in and out of the car. Wednesday saw a breakthrough and I think the weekend was just my boy burrowing deeper and dropping because my bump has moved down considerably.

Now I feel like a different woman, my poor feet that have spent the last few weeks painfully swollen and I've been unable to stand on for any length of time, have now miraculously gone back to normal. I have my feet back and it makes such a difference in the way I spend my days.

I've started getting more emotional again, I cry if I see a newborn, talking about babies or waving my little girl off at preschool. Anything really but in a nice way rather than I'm scared and tired.

I'm suddenly more positive about labour, I really was loosing the plot about how painful it might be. I feel more powerful now, a sort of cavalier 'bring it on' attitude. 

Two things helped, one was realising I've done it before and created this gorgeous little girl and can do it all again. The second was reading a post on 'Gas and Air' where a labouring woman explained how the pain came and went and built up (also that it was her body working with her). It sounds stupid now but it was an epithany for me...to realise it's not my body 'out to get me' but to help me meet my boy. I've been spending so long focusing on the last frantic bit of labour where it all gets intense and one long contraction but hopefully I'll be eased into that point.

I'm nesting big time too, got all the last bits and pieces I didn't want to think about out of cupboards to make sure I have it all ready.

I've still got a huge love of bbq sauce (cannot get enough of it in last few weeks!!). I even plan meals around the sauce, I know...madness.

Sleep is getting harder now, I wake up usually around 4am, have a wee and then can't sleep for the next hour. Then Bubba wakes around 5am and either hubby goes to her or the last few days she has come into our bed. I'm hoping the clock change means this is now 6am instead but we wil have to see!!
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