16 Mar 2014

Hospital Bag - What's going in mine

This time around I chose a gorgeous change bag (although it's a lot more than a nappy bag) from Mia Tui, that doesn't look like a change bag. I decided to also use this as my hospital bag to get some use out of it before baby arrives.

I've really dithered about what to put into my bag and what I put in last time (everything but the kitchen sink!). The bag is so big with loads of great compartments which makes it easy to see everything. There was so much I didn't use and really didn't need to take but then I also worry that like a holiday there will be that one thing you decided to leave behind but realise you could have done with really.

After my last labour I threw away a lot of things I couldn't bare looking at so have pretty much gone out and got new sleepwear and other bits and pieces. I've also worried more about how many nappies I need this time, my own pads and bits and bobs I should take, weird really seeing as nearly everything you can buy (or send hubby home for) at the blink of an eye.

So this time I've gone for only the essentials...which for me, starts with a magazine. I am a magazine addict and fritter away too much money on them which I'm not even going to try and justify!

Next would be snacks, in my bag will be a selection of brunch bars. Last time around I was starving by the time bubba and I got onto the ward (about 4am) and I also missed breakfast. So my first foray into food was when my mum came and visited with biscuits. Not ideal as an after labour experience waiting that long!

Then it's the boring but essentials such as face wipes, travel size toiletries and tissues. A flannel and towel because these aren't provided by our hospital.

I've got fluffy socks as my feet freeze at the best of times. Slippers for walking around on the ward to go off to the loo or find where to collect my food from. Pj's, a nightie and loads of dark knickers that I got on the cheap. I'm not a fan of the paper knickers as I felt less than attractive anyway without adding them into the mix.

Originally I was going to put the baby's clothes in the bag as well. Last time around hubby had to make an emergency trip because we left the bag behind. But at the last minute I decided to do a seperate bag again because it makes life a little easier if hubby is routing through the bag trying to find things.

So now I'm all packed, all I really need is the baby to arrive in a timely fashion! 

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