8 Apr 2014

My Girl

I'm lucky, I've found a girl who I can and will love for the rest of my life. She arrived early one Thursday morning and I spent the time I should have been sleeping, just staring....it's been the same ever since.

I couldn't and wouldn't leave her side and never will willingly. She makes me laugh, cry and fume at her antics but I wouldn't swap a moment we have together.

If she isn't with me it feels like a limb is lost. When she is asleep I can think of a million things to say to her when she wakes up. Oh and she can sleep anywhere and any how, she will literally power down regardless of the situation.

I can read her mood and my whole being in now focused on making sure her life is good. People always comment on her smile, when you get one it's a real corker and makes you feel special.

She loves to be animals and see animals and talk about animals. I think she thinks she is an animal!

She is fun to be around yet oh so annoying when she wants. She is very witty and knows how funny she can be. Her dress sense sometimes leaves a lot to be desired but she is quirky to the max.

She really stole my heart that morning she arrived in our lives and still does every single day and as we embark on a new stage of our lives I hope she knows she will always be my girl.
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