23 Mar 2014

Turning Three

I have been emotional this last couple of weeks...more emotional than normal.

My girl, my baby, has turned three

It's snuck up on me.

Obviously I remember when she was born and she seemed so small and it was hard to imagine she would get bigger and be able to talk and walk and not need me 24/7. But it's happening...

She has spent a last few weeks looking through the Argos catalogue and the Early Learning Centre booklet pointing out all the things she wanted for her birthday. Even a couple of weeks later she is still picking things up in shops and saying "Me's want this for my birthday". Honestly she's not as materialistic as she sounds and most of the things could be household objects - not even toys!

We decided to get her a slide for the garden because she only had a little slide which my friend had passed on to us and she had outgrown this. Within a few minutes she was going down the slide backwards, on her knee's and head first, without fear and at one point at her party she was caught (with her cousin) trying to get on her scooter at the top of the slide with the intention of scooting down it!!
On the day of her party we had glorious sunshine (which isn't bad for early March) and surrounded by family, Bubba had a great day. It's her last birthday as an only child and I'm sure by next year there will be lots of squealing when her baby brother is trying to steal her presents or help her open them.
It was only after this picture was taken that I realised how close she really was to that candle!!

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