2 Apr 2014

Book Buddy Review

Parragon Book Buddy Review

The latest book to arrive for us is 'Hold That Thought, Milton!' By Linda Ravin.

When I opened the envelope and skimmed through this book, my instant thought was 'bubba won't be keen on this'

I thought it might be too grown up for her and a little bit boyish and not a story with a strong message. How wrong was I!!

Since seeing it, she has demanded that it's read to her at least twice a day and she also likes flicking through it on her own just looking at the pictures (illustrated by Ross Collins).

It follows a boy called Milton who amidst the chaos of a family preparing for a wedding, loses his pet frog. No one has time to listen to him until everything comes to a head on the wedding day and his family have to listen.

I would say traditionally I would have picked this book more for a boy than a girl as it's got a sort of Horrid Henry vibe to it. But as mentioned above, my girl loves it so in future I might just go for more books like this.

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