9 Apr 2014

Hormonal Musings - week 40

Well I'm almost hitting week 41, the midwife is due to ours tomorrow to give me a sweep and book my induction.

I hoped that by now I would have my lovely bundle of joy. It's getting harder to believe I'll actually have a baby at the end of this!

He has tried to escape and I've spent a couple of days having mild contractions but strong enough for hubby to stay home from work. By evening they had all but disappeared and the only upside is that I got a full nights sleep - well as full as you can get with large bump.

Bubba was five days over so I fully expected to go over again but this just feels like torment now. It's also harder second time around with a little helper keeping me busy.

I'm getting over my fear of childbirth and just really want my body back now and to hold a tiny baby. Not looking forward to the idea of squeezing a baby out but that's more because of the unknown and how it'll all pan out. I do find this whole process so strange, all these years of evolution and it's still all a bit vague and unknown.

I'm not feeling the love for the idea of an induction but only because I think the NCT last time scared our bunch of first time mothers all into believing that any intervention meant more intervention as you progress. But I guess if he isn't on his way without help then I need a little extra encouragement.

I've been eating and making a lot of cake so really will need to work it off afterwards as I'm getting a bit too used to it.

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