27 Apr 2014

How we are coping...Day 12

The funny thing about babies is that they sleep loads! Well our one does during the day at least, by 3am his tummy troubles have had him up and grumbling for over an hour. It seems he wants to be asleep but is either over stimulated or having a hard time with wind.

During the day I find it hard to relax and realise he isn't going to do anything more than eat, sleep and be awake for awhile each day. How did I never get things done when Bubba was small!! And how was it so hard, now a challenging toddler is definitely harder work than a newborn!

I wasn't sure how I felt about giving him a dummy and when to do it but I caved in the other night (and then felt like a massive failure for doing so!). It's stupid really and mainly a hormonal response I think because Bubba had a dummy from early on and still does but I never felt it a failing on my part, more a life saver. With our little man I suddenly felt out of control and unable to soothe him myself.
He seemed fairly relaxed afterwards considering this was his 'before' face.

Bubba has been slowly getting used to her baby brother. It's a definite slow burn and we haven't pushed her to get involved. At first she was very catious and also acting out by having a few massive tantrums. But it was also preschool holidays so think a bit of cabin fever had set in. Yesterday she asked to help give him his bottle and she sits and watches him if I leave the room.

I've noticed my patience is fairly thin on the ground with her at the moment. I'm running on empty (what new parent isn't) and she pushes all my buttons, I'm sure it'll sort itself soon (I'm hoping). I keep forgetting that it's a huge transition for her too (heck I spend most of my time feeling overwhelmed so can't imagine how a three year old brain tries to process it all!). I've also tried to accommodate Bubba as much as possible. If she asks for a cuddle whilst I have cub then she climbs on too, it's not the most comfortable experience but I've got to knees and arms so more than enough room for my babies.

We have been fairly actively out and about and lots of people have commented on this. But when you have a toddler who has to go preschool, what else can you do! It's only been to the supermarket so nothing too exciting. 

My mum and I even managed a quick trip  with cub to The Baby Show at Bluewater on Saturday. I must admit it did get a little overwhelming and we only stayed for about an hour. I got to see the Shnuggle baby bath that I've been coveting (& since purchased online). I'll put a review up when it's arrived and we do our first bath.

I'm healing well and can do more things each day but I do struggle with the tiredness. Hubby goes back to work this week and I'm really worried how I'm going to cope alone with two kids. I guess only time will tell and if nothing else, it gets us one step closer to real life again. I feel like we've been living in a bubble these last two weeks!

I find it hard not to just stare and kiss my cub all the time. He looks exactly like his sister at the same age and I seem to have produced another one that looks alarmingly like hubby.

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