9 Apr 2014

Imperfect Perfection

There are certain things we like to project through blogs, twitter and Instagram. It sometimes makes for a false image of life and I know for one, I sometimes get caught up in thinking someone else has a better life and conditions than me. So here (in case anyone thinks I've got it too good...as if!!!) I want to expel some myths.

First up: I really don't love craft time, it's a pain as Bubba spends precisely five seconds 'creating' before leaving a mess and walking off. She doesn't really enjoy drawing or colouring...mainly she loves sticking - this usually involves walking around with a glue stick threateningly!

We sit on the sofa eating 'sticks' (rice cakes) and raisins whilst watching inappropriate tv like Spongebob. We watch too much tv...so shoot me!!!

Oh she also does this in front of Spongebob...

We tend to eat too much cake, it's been fuelling my diet the last few weeks and thus it's also now what bubba demands first thing in the morning!

Food (non cake related) is very hit and miss. I don't get much (any) vegetables into Bubba but she gets a chewy vitamin each day. I do put veg on her plate but it often gets ignored. I've given up trying to force her so we just go with it for now.

Bubba watches too many Play doh videos on my phone (we've moved on from those dreaded eggs being opened).  A new development is Equestrian girls rock band songs where she is starting to emulate the dance moves. It buys me some peace and quiet...bad I know but I also spend too much time on my phone.

We probably eat out more than we should, lunchtime I like going to Morrisons Cafe for lunch (I know, last of the high rollers eh!) or a local cafe. We probably should eat more at home during the day but I can't be bothered with the faff and Bubba tends to eat more when we go out!`

Oh I bribe her loads with chocolates or my new favourite, Haribo. The girl will comply with most things and negotiates hard for 'ones last sweet mummy!' It works out well at the moment.

We draw on feet...

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