23 Apr 2014

Life Lately

It's been a bit quiet around here lately and that's because of this...

My longed for boy finally arrived after days and days of on/off first stage labour.
Above is my last shot as 'pregnant' before we hit the hospital.

He was nearly two weeks late (I narrowly missed being induced) and at 9lb 1oz, fully baked.

His sister looks on with an air of indifference mixed with catious wonderment. 

He cries and sleeps and eats, I can't stop kissing his soft cheeks, stroking the fine hair on his head and nuzzling his little neck. It's a love thang!
His clothes don't fit and he is dainty but long. I find it hard not to keep taking photos all the time...

We got some great gifts and people have visited (our families pulled out all the stops, bringing cake, coffee and coissants galore). I feel lucky and loved.

My new obsession, it feels like he has always been here.

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