14 Apr 2014

The things she says...age 3

"Me don't want to leave my eyes open"
Whilst struggling with staying awake at 5.30pm after no nap.

"Why me still three?"
The day after she turned three, when asked how old she wanted to be, she said "five"

"Just cool down mummy"
When I'm telling her off, I think they used to say this at nursery when the children got too noisy

"This is going to be lively compost"
whilst filling a upturned activity tunnel with loads of toys and coats etc. We have no idea why she mentioned compost or where she has ever heard that phrase!

"Don't worry mummy, everthing going to be ok"
when I'm crying in front of her, the last time in the supermarket whilst having a contraction!

"Me's no longer a horse, me's Freya the little girl"
After playing at being a horse

"Are you happy mummy?"
Again this is usually when I'm less than happy with her for being cheeky or have had to put my foot down!

"When you are sad, me and daddy will look after you and you will feel happy. Is that ok mummy?"
she said this as I sat in bed sobbing that my contractions had stopped after a whole day and I realised we wouldn't be meeting her little brother as soon as I'd hoped.
Me: "Please stop kicking me!"...she carries on, I gave her a look.
"Mummy I'm just kicking gently"
This is said with a sweet little smile

"Me wants to play my phone now"
Me: "err...you mean you want to play mummy's phone?"
Looks at me and slowly shakes her head
"It's my phone now mummy!"

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