31 May 2014

In this crib...

It doesn't look much and it's a bit shabby around the edges but to me it's worth more than any of the fancier modern things in life.

This rocking crib has held my gorgeous baby girl when she came home from the hospital and it now gently rocks my boy when he is unsettled. 

But more than that, it's the crib that held both my brother and I when we arrived in this world. We are talking 40 years ago now and it's still serving a purpose.

I love having it in our lives still and in an age of scrap it and buy new, it's a wonderful reminder of a different age and could almost be called vintage now!

It probably wouldn't pass health and safety checks these days but I couldn't imagine anything feeling safer than this does. It rocks on two slightly unsightly hooks but it's fluid and sturdy and works it's magic.
I hope to pass the crib onto either my children or my nieces if they ever wanted it. It's a little bit of our family history and it's been a privilege to use it.
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