5 May 2014

Life After Pregnancy

Two weeks post pregnancy and I have a wonderful boy to show for my efforts. Whilst I was pregnant I really wasn't enjoying the experience and so thought I would document the real highs post pregnancy...

1) I can bend now

Like really bend, in whatever way I like. I can bend and snap back up (well sort of)!! Its wonderful to see something on the floor and not have to think about picking it up, I just do it. Also on that note, once I'm on the floor I don't have to scope the room looking for furniture to haul myself up on.

2) I can sleep any which way I like

No seriously you cannot imagine how great this is! Not that I got much sleep near the end of pregnancy and I'm getting a whole lot less now but when I want to turn over in bed it doesn't take fifteen attempts to move an inch. I can lay on my back, side or front without worrying I'm harming the bump or feeling uncomfortable

3) No more heartburn

Boom! I enjoy my food and I can fit loads more in now and then I don't get heartburn a few hours later. Boom!

4) That first Poo

Ok I know that's too much information and unless you are a woman and been pregnant and given birth, you have no idea the trauma this first poo can cause. Or the euphoria you feel once its accomplished and you didn't split in two. Such a relief.

5) Mental high fives

At least once a day I look at the newborn and mentally high five myself. I created that perfect being, I then carried him for 9 months and then I gave birth on gas and air. Totally girl power and every day I cannot get over the miracle that we created.

6) Alcohol

Drink, drink, drink...I haven't got around to it yet but I know I can if I want and as much as I want. I know a tipple in pregnancy isn't bad but this allows me the freedom of knowing I can do what I want.

7) I can run

Ok so I can't run fast or very far, well it's more of a slow waddle due to the stitches but the same as alcohol....it's knowing I can if I want and I'm sure I'll get faster!

8) Wearing 90% of my wardrobe

Rather than 10% of the same sherzaz week in and week out because I didn't want to buy loads more stuff. I can't fit in a lot of my old clothes but I will and it won't be long!

9) I feel more of a family now

Really weird feeling and not sure its totally scientific (probably hormonal right now) but being a four and saying stuff like 'the kids' just makes me feel complete. Strange

10) Knowing I don't have to do this again

Whilst pregnant I got a bit caught up in the labour side of things, I read too many blogs on birth stories and watched too much 'One born every minute' and focused on the pain side of things. I wasn't the best pregnant person and although it all went smoothly I still struggled massively with hormones, swelling and tiredness so knowing that I am done (until at least the hormones kick in and I'm trying to convince hubby in a few years it'll be a good idea to try again!) and I can get a pet rabbit next is a real weight off my mind.
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