20 May 2014

Parragon Book Review - Bunny Loves To Learn

When we received our latest Book Buddy Parragon book I flicked through it and dismissed it. I thought it might be a bit old for my girl and she wouldn't want to read it but to my surprise, we have read it every night since.

'Bubby Loves To Learn' by Peter Bently is all about a group of animal friends at school who all have to use a dressing up box to learn about history. Buster bunny chooses to be a knight and researches why they have different shields in battle and Max the mouse dresses as an Egyption mummy. 

It was these touches that I thought would go above my girls head or lead her to ask complicated questions. But she genuinely interested in learning about the different characters. It could be that it's a school setting which piqued Bubba's interest as we are soon to start school.

As I say, this has been a big hit for Bubba but I wouldn't necessarily buy a book like this again as for me it feels like it should be read and understood by an older child and it's not a particularity good read for an adult who has to read the same story night after night.
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