12 Jun 2014

Nobody told me

When you have children, nobody tells you...

That two is so much harder than one! Seriously you will wonder how to clone yourself

Sleep isn't something you'll ever feel you get enough of

You'll argue with and ignore your partner more than in your whole relationship leading up to this point

You will ask questions already knowing the answer, just to prove a point

Going to the bathroom alone will feel like a luxury 

Going to the supermarket alone will have you looking over your shoulder the whole time, trying to locate the missing child

Your memory will be shot to pieces, remembering what day it is, how old you are and if you've brushed your hair will leave you dumbfounded

The kids will drive you to distraction 

You will sit up worrying about or tending to a sick child...for days

They will never leave you alone, EVER!

The moment they leave you alone, you will worry about what they are doing

If you go away, you will pine for those children who sent you round the bend

Some days it will feel like your brain is leaking out of your ears

Most days at some point, someone will be crying directly at you

They tell you they hate you, it breaks your heart

You'll wonder "whose bloody idea was this?" Daily!

Your partner will NEVER understand the pressure you are under, how you cope or what you do all day

You will feel envious of your husbands freedom. 'Sorry I'm late. Oh I forgot the time...' Isn't something you can ever say because picking children up from here/there/everywhere becomes your life

'Me Time' isn't something you ever said before children but it's all you say now

Looking in the mirror, you won't recognise the woman you've become. Good or bad, you've changed

When you close your eyes you wonder how much sleep the little tikes will allow you tonight

Reminiscing about luxury holidays, afternoons down the pub and spur of the moment shopping trips will make you depressed

Those little people become your world...you would do anything and I mean anything to make their world ok again

If you had your time over, you'd do it exactly the same

The love is so overwhelming, consuming and powerful...nobody tells you that!
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