28 Jul 2014

Crazy In Love

I know it's my hormones but it's really taken me by surprise by how much I love my boy. I know that sounds daft, of course I'd love him and he'd be the centre of my universe for a while but still. My heart bursts in a way I wasn't aware it could, he makes me want another baby (yes already) although I know that must be hormones.

Whereas with Bubba, I was excited to get to the next stage with her and watch her grown and learn (still the case), this little man makes me want to slow down time and not let him grow up.

I feel everything he does is a joy, even when he was ill earlier in the week, I wasn't put off.

It's a bizarre feeling and I guess it's probably because deep down, I know he is my last baby.

But gosh, that face, those cuddles, my boy. I'm looking forward to my babies becoming pals and watching them have fun.


25 Jul 2014

Going to Nursery School

We got the letter.

I cried buckets, for this is the end of an era. It signals the start of my girls journey in growing up. I think she is ready, I think I am not ready.

She currently attends preschool every day for three hours but from September she will attend the school nursery and wear a uniform. Growing up.

I've already started amassing the uniform she needs to wear and casually mentioning it to her and how much fun she'll have.

We visited together for an hour and she played and talked to her teacher, she liked it.

It's a wonderful thing and I hope she enjoys the process of learning as much as I do.

But I can't get my head around the fact that next year she will go to school for full days. She will be in the care of someone else for a full day and I won't know what she is doing. Parents with older children will read this and probably laugh at my naivety and once she is at big school I'll sigh with relief. But at the moment it feels like she is going to grow up too fast and I can't go with her always.

She is just realising that she won't be going back to preschool in September but instead going to big School, she cried that she'll miss her best friends and it makes my heart hurt for her because I can remember what it felt like going to school (albeit a year later than she is and to actual school and not just three hours a day) and it's scary stuff. I'm hoping she will have a lot of fun and it'll get her ready for the following year when she has to go.

We missed saying goodbye the her preschool as she got the sickness bug that had been going around the week before (we missed the last two days) so I feel there is no closure for us. Perhaps the ten or so weeks she is off (yep that's right, 10 whole weeks! She starts in October) will help us both forget about the wonderful place she has just left.

It's all beginning, my girls growing up.

22 Jul 2014

My Journey - Weight loss

This photo is simultaneously one of my favourite and least favourite pictures, I found it hard to put on the blog and so big too! I love it because it shows me and my wonderful babies (one of whom was brand new) but I was shocked at how large I was. I know, I know, I'd only given birth two weeks before but still I didn't realise I was as big as I am. I'm not huge in the grand scheme of things but for me I am bigger than I want and need to be. The shock came from the realisation that I was a lot larger than I thought I was and as the days turned into months (currently on month three) I was putting on more weight.

I was tired so would reach for a slice of cake and coffee (because I deserved it and needed the sugar high), dinner would be the same size portion as hubby and I'd help the toddler finish her dinners too because she was being picky didn't mean I should waste food. I was also cooking her a bit extra 'in case she wanted more food' but the reality was that I would help eat this extra food.

My turning point came when I was walking through our local Sainsbury's and saw an advert for Slimming World and the next week I joined. It was so daunting walking through that door and on the short walk to my class I phoned my mum for morale support. My aim is to loose at least a stone and a half but more than that, I want my to be able to comfortably wear my engagement ring again. I had to take it off at about week 20 of pregnancy due to swelling and then I added weight on top and my skinny hands were no more.

I'm finding the plan so easy to follow and the range of food I can eat, means I struggle to see how I can loose weight whilst eating what I do. But I am. It's difficult when sleep is meagre and all I want to do is sabotage myself and eat lots of unhealthy food. By staying focused and being prepared makes it easier, I can still have chocolate and sweets if I want and have to count them as syns (I'm allowed about 15 syns). Most fruit and veg, meat and beans are free to eat in whatever quantity I want.

It's sometimes hard when you don't want to think about food and just reach for something rather than planning. That's the only downside, you need to think about what you are eating and how it fits with your day. But I guess that's the point! Slim people eat consciously and in moderation and that's what I'm hoping I get to.

So far I've lost almost a stone and I'm enjoying the range of food I now eat. I've always eaten lots of fruit and veg but now overall I'm making healthier choices and not snacking on doorstop size pieces of fresh bread or slices of cake. There is nothing I crave or feel I'm missing out on (yet).

Not the most flattering photo (again) but the weight is moving and all I really need to do now is up my exercise and tone up the flabby bits as well. As you can see, my boy is also growing and although I often get down because it isn't happening fast enough (I like instant gratification...hence the cake addiction) and I still look pregnant, my boy was worth every single pound gained.

It's still a way to go but if anyone is struggling with weight, I would recommend Slimming World. If you tried it in the past (like I had) and know about red and green days you'll be surprised as they've added the Extra Easy plan and it really is easy.

This isn't a sponsored post, I just really believe in Slimming World.

20 Jul 2014

Book Buddy Review - The Fish...

Being part of the Parragon Book Buddy scheme means we get a variety of books to review over the course of the year. We get excited when we receive a new book and usually dive into it straight away.
Our latest book was no exception, The Fish with the Deep Sea Smile by Margaret Wise Brown.

It's about a family who go looking for the fish with the deep sea smile (obvs!)

"They fished and they fished, way down in the sea"

This book is all about the big, bright illustrations (illustrated by Henry Fisher) and is a feast for your eyes but sadly it's yet to capture my girls imagination. We've read it but only twice and the second time was on my initiation, usually bubba is a real book worm and will not stop reading the same new book over and over.
The story isn't one of my faves and hate to say but is a bit weak on content for us. It's still lovely to look at and the rhyme is nice and gently but it's not in our top ten at the moment. Knowing Bubba, this could all change at any time.

For more details, head over to the Parragon Book Buddy page on Facebook.

13 Jul 2014

When my babies sleep...

My babies sleep schedule don't collide that often so when I do find myself with a quiet half an hour this is what I do

Watch trash tv
I love a bit of Made in Chelsea or Towie and can't always (who am I kidding, I can never) watch these when the toddler is awake. Sometimes I can here them taunting me from the tv and I can't wait to catch up on what the youngsters with no real problems are up to. I'm also slightly addicted to Catfish the Show and Kardashians. I can watch without thinking which is a big bonus when you spend all day being the slave of a three year old!

Drink a hot cup of tea
Seriously this doesn't seem so hard when you make the cup of tea, all is usually calm and quiet. As soon as that tea bag is covered in hot water, all hell breaks loose, the toddler wants to eat/sleep/go to toilet and the baby starts crying or moaning. It's like a catalyst and by the time I've got back to my cup of tea it has a scum layer and is stone cold. So as soon as those babies are asleep, I'm out there making tea.

I'm always having to share my food with Bubba and considering she has now got a picky streak running through her she still manages to manhandle some part of my lunch or breakfast. I used to reach for the naughty food like chocolate when they slept, cos you know, I needed the boost (quite literally) and the toddler shouldn't really be having any more chocolate today, after having chocolate for breakfast! Now I'm trying to be better but really an apple doesn't cut it so this is still a struggle between good and evil!

I love crochet and it's so unfussy with just the one hook that it lends itself to a quick pick up and then stop without loosing where you are when you have to go for a quick put down again. This is a blanket for my boy, I love the colours and I'm working hard on trying to get it finished before he turns 18!! I will get there and then he will be promptly sick all over it.
Use my phone
I'm terribly with this, I feel lost without my phone and I'm constantly checking it and catching up on blogs on Bloglovin. Or trawling through Instagram or Facebook, I'm sure I'd get more done around the house if I gave up the phone for a while. But hey, a girl's got to have some vices in life otherwise it all gets a bit boring.


10 Jul 2014

The Mummy Dilemmas...

The other day I posted a picture on Instagram

My boy had just produced a massive poo and then promptly fell asleep. I had a mummy dilemma...do I wake him to change or put up with the smell for a bit. He had (read we) had a very unsettled night, he'd had his first set of jabs the day before and I just wanted and needed a little break. In the end I left him for about ten minutes and he woke naturally and had a change then.

It got me thinking of all the little daily dilemmas we as mothers face. Like at the petrol station, do you herd the children out of the car on a busy forecourt? Or what if they are sleeping or worse, refusing to get out! At the moment I've avoided this and usually got petrol when hubby is home.

I had another instance where I had needed a wee for about an hour and the toddler was in the garden with the hose. It made me want to desperately go but do I leave her wielding the hose indiscriminately towards my now almost dry washing or chance having a little accident of my own!

Or leaving her in control of the paints whilst I am in the middle of cooking dinner and sorting out cub's bottle in the kitchen. In the end I resigned myself to the fact that if we got paint all over the floor I'd either have to try and save it or live with it until we can afford a new carpet. Luckily it only went all over her and not my floors (I did have a wipe clean mat on the floor but she always seems to miss this completely.

As a mother our days are all about negotiating and weighing up the odds on certain situations happening or not happening. It can be exhausting and when hubby comes home and asks what we've been up to and then shrugs as if its nothing, I'd love to be a fly on the wall when he has to manage it alone. I'm sure there is much more shouting and paint on the walls.

2 Jul 2014

Homemade Gifts

For Father's Day this year we went for all homemade presents. I'd seen lots of Pinterest boards where people used Sharpies on mugs (with mixed results) but then I found these brilliant ceramics pens in Hobbycraft and thought I'd give them a try.

I got two mugs in Tesco for 89p each and got to work.

I went with my babies hand prints (only because I thought it was the easiest option). So I cojouled the toddler into letting me draw around her hand and did the newborns whilst he was asleep.
I placed them on the mug and drew around them.
Then had to wait for four hours and then I could bake it in the oven. I also then got all creative and decorated a plate too for my dad.
With my spare mug I decided to let the toddler go wild with the pen. I was nervous and she was dizzy with excitement and this was her creation for daddy to use at home (the other mug went to work). I know it's rather 'scribbly' but my girl doesn't bother herself with colouring or pens of any sorts usually so this in itself is amazing.
Now I'm just trying to decide who else should receive a masterpiece...
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