20 Jul 2014

Book Buddy Review - The Fish...

Being part of the Parragon Book Buddy scheme means we get a variety of books to review over the course of the year. We get excited when we receive a new book and usually dive into it straight away.
Our latest book was no exception, The Fish with the Deep Sea Smile by Margaret Wise Brown.

It's about a family who go looking for the fish with the deep sea smile (obvs!)

"They fished and they fished, way down in the sea"

This book is all about the big, bright illustrations (illustrated by Henry Fisher) and is a feast for your eyes but sadly it's yet to capture my girls imagination. We've read it but only twice and the second time was on my initiation, usually bubba is a real book worm and will not stop reading the same new book over and over.
The story isn't one of my faves and hate to say but is a bit weak on content for us. It's still lovely to look at and the rhyme is nice and gently but it's not in our top ten at the moment. Knowing Bubba, this could all change at any time.

For more details, head over to the Parragon Book Buddy page on Facebook.
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