28 Jul 2014

Crazy In Love

I know it's my hormones but it's really taken me by surprise by how much I love my boy. I know that sounds daft, of course I'd love him and he'd be the centre of my universe for a while but still. My heart bursts in a way I wasn't aware it could, he makes me want another baby (yes already) although I know that must be hormones.

Whereas with Bubba, I was excited to get to the next stage with her and watch her grown and learn (still the case), this little man makes me want to slow down time and not let him grow up.

I feel everything he does is a joy, even when he was ill earlier in the week, I wasn't put off.

It's a bizarre feeling and I guess it's probably because deep down, I know he is my last baby.

But gosh, that face, those cuddles, my boy. I'm looking forward to my babies becoming pals and watching them have fun.

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