10 Oct 2016

Getting our Craft on

***With half term fast approaching again I thought I'd share this post again...some good little crafts for those days where you don't know what to do or you've exhausted all your usual things by 9.15am***

Bubba never used to like colouring, painting was reserved for when I has little time and after nagging, bubba would paint three dots and exclaim she was done.

But now, suddenly, we are all about crafting. She even likes to watch Mr Maker, previously shunned and she would cry when it came on because of the scary shapes.

Her works of art have intended recipients and I duly pass them on. Some have cracking titles when I ask her 'what is this about?'. So far we've had, for some glitter stars and hearts (given to granddad) "Horse in Battle". Goodness only knows where she got that gem from and it tickled me greatly so I now make sure I always ask what it is.
This is a happy shark
I raided the pound shop for supplies thinking they would last us the holidays. She went through them within minutes.

She has got creative, introducing other materials and even her beloved ponies got a look in.

She even now requests 'makes' and with ten minutes before bedtime the other night wielded these results from me. I'm fairly chuffed.

The only problem is what do I do with all this new 'valuable' works of art?
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